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stef 28-07-20 05:34 PM

Sharpshooters shoulder title
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Can I have some opinions on this shoulder title?
Is it a ww2 pattern or post-war?

It is currently for sale on a dealers website.

stef 31-07-20 12:51 PM

Anyone? :confused:

NORMANDIE18 31-07-20 04:53 PM

Hi Stef,
I am not confortable with this one.
If possible, a picture of the embroidery under the black backing cloth will help us.

Staffsyeoman 01-08-20 10:12 AM

My spidey sense in tingling that it is an Asian subcontinent production...

stef 05-08-20 09:04 AM

Thank you for the replies.

I will pass on this one and wait for another one to turn up.

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