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Lampwick 02-02-17 03:51 PM

Leicestershire query
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Would you have these in your collection?

'Ticker' Riley 02-02-17 07:46 PM

Leicesters Badges – genuine, or not genuine?
Hello Terry

By now I actually have a number of this same maker’s variant in my collection, as bi-metal and all-brass, both with and without the ‘Hindoostan’ top scroll. However, because of the nature of my collection of Leicestershire Regiment Tiger cap badge, and it being a research collection, it does mean that, as well as authentic badges, I also have several I consider to be restrikes, repros and fakes. At present I am personally very reluctant to accept the variant you show as being genuine, particularly because these are clearly available on ebay and elsewhere as brand new badges.

Back in 2009 I bought an all-brass version of this maker’s type, which I posted up here, but was quickly advised that it was a repro, whilst in 2011 another of these badges was posted here (sadly the original photos are no longer on the thread concerned) where the general consensus was, again, that it was not authentic. Back in 2012 I made similar comments to the ones I’ve just put up above about this same type of Leicesters badge here, and my feelings remain unchanged. So even though the two you have show slight signs of what you might call ‘wear’, I would still be uneasy about classing them as authentic Leicesters badges myself. I hope this helps, but fear it probably doesn’t!

Best regards


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