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Sonofacqms 17-10-17 09:19 PM

Natal Police photos
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I have recently been given a bag of Natal Police photos, mostly taken around 1890-1904. As you can appreciate most of these are faded due to the passing of time, the good thing is that most of these are annotated with dates, locations and names of personnel.

Some are taken from quite a distance away and are almost useless for uniform and insignia recognition, the only thing is location which may interest some members.

A few are I think are modern copy photographs, two of which I have shown with this post, but does anyone know if there is a way to bring these faded photos back to black and white.

From what I remember when I worked in the print trade, I was told if you wiped developer over the sepia prints they returned to black and white. I have never tried this and now have no access to a darkroom and developer, any ideas welcomed.


Traist 18-10-17 05:15 AM

Thanks Rob, this is interesting and could be of great help in future research. Have a grand day. Andrew

leigh kitchen 18-10-17 06:30 AM

Rather than try to improve the originals, can not scanned digital copies be magicked by forum photo wizards?

Jelly Terror 18-10-17 07:28 AM


Not sure how au fait you are with computers/software etc., but there is no end of image editing software freely available nowadays which would restore the clarity of your pictures almost instantaneously.

As Leigh has said, depending on the size of your photos, all you’d need to do is run them through a scanner and let the software do the rest.



Sonofacqms 18-10-17 08:34 AM

Computer Dinosaur
As you can probably guess I am a complete Computer Dinosaur, my scanner has never worked and I really should do something about this, nip up the road and use someone else's I suppose would be an idea.

Thanks for the replies and I will see what happens.


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