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121155 15-12-15 03:28 AM

Admin / Log School badge?
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Can anyone identify the center badge in the pic? It apears to be a admin logistics school badge, but i am curious as to how it was worn, cap badge , pocket badge?
2 metal caps included for size reference

Blackadder1916 15-12-15 07:00 AM

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It is a (rather poor) representation of the Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics (CFSAL) badge. The first attached image (taken from a pdf document from CFSAL) is what the full badge should look like. It appears CFSAL has been renamed the Canadian Forces Logistics Training Centre (CFLTC) and has a new badge (second attached image) according to the Canadian Register of Arms, Flags and Badges

As for official wear (if any) of the badge, I can only make a guess. I was never posted to CFSAL, nor to any other of the schools on CFB Borden, but I did a couple of courses at CFSAL even though I was neither Admin nor Log branch. I faintly recollect staff (not students) at some of the schools wearing embroidered school badges on the right breast (above the pocket and name tag) of the "work dress" jacket. Work dress was a uniform worn during the period (following unification) when all elements of the Canadian Forces wore the same green uniforms. We went back to wearing separate uniforms in the later 1980s. After a quick look through some old course photos, I did come across one picture (from 1985 or 86) showing an officer wearing work dress jacket with a school badge (CFMSS) in the location I previously noted. I don't know if the badge you showed was used for this purpose, but regardless it would not have been worn on any form of headdress.


Bill A 15-12-15 12:42 PM

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My understanding was that the CFSAL embroidered badges were work dress jacket badges, worn on the breast. (As noted above.) There are a few minor variatons in the badge.
These types of work dress badges are not well documented and many are unofficial. Some are very hard to find.

edstorey 15-12-15 02:19 PM

Workdress Badges
The Workdress unit badges are hard to find and have not been documented as they were supplied through unit kit shops and had to be purchased by the member.

Phillip Herring 15-12-15 04:34 PM

When the CF did away with the Administration Branch, I suggested that CFSAL should be changed to Canadian Forces Logistics School, or CFLS. :)


cefguy 15-12-15 07:26 PM

It always amazed me that the Log badge was five empty boxes.

Bill A 15-12-15 10:12 PM

Amazed, but also oddly prophetic...

ddaydodger 16-12-15 08:23 PM

Unit badges on WD were authorized for Air Command squadrons and ships companies to foster esprit de corps. I have not seen references authorizing badges for schools other than CTC. It makes sense to distinguish staff from students and there may have been a way around such orders.

We always referred to the badge as crossed paperclips.

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