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zob 10-12-12 11:25 PM

Extremely Rare Badge
I simply don’t believe this one?

I think we used to call these things “Segs” or “Blakey’s” over here in the UK. I remember the kids at school used to get a card of these shoe protectors, stamp them into the soles of their shoes and then charge about the playground skidding up and down with shards of sparks emanating from the heels. Those were the days!


tonyb 11-12-12 06:30 AM

Yes remember these as you say Blakeys or segs. :D
Cheers Tony.

William 11-12-12 08:21 AM

Hilarious Ebay posting.

Perhaps being sold by Mr Tricouni?


Jeff Mc William 11-12-12 11:19 AM

I think it is a shako badge of the 23rd Foot-in-mouth brigade. Very rare !

grenadierguardsman 11-12-12 01:20 PM


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