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GriffMJ 25-01-22 08:14 PM

"Anodised" but not Aluminium?
Hi All

I am looking for some education :)

Can anyone show me an anodised badge .....that is not an anodised aluminium badge?

grey_green_acorn 25-01-22 09:02 PM

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This one is described as ‘anodised zinc’ 5/6 STAFFORDS TA


54Bty 25-01-22 09:08 PM

No badge to show, but, when the "no need to be polished badges appeared" they were called "anodised metal" by soldiers. What is now known by some as "new metal".


Alan O 26-01-22 11:07 AM

This is one of the anodised base metal badges commercially made sold to some CCFs in 1960s.

Same construction as the Staffs TA one which was also not officially authorised or approved so was bought privately.

GriffMJ 26-01-22 11:45 AM

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....what are peoples opinions on the finish of this post WW2 LYPAO Officers badge? It does not tarnish and with a wipe its clean?

Mike H 26-01-22 11:56 AM

Possibly Griff. Im sure there was a Leicestershire Yeomanry badge mentioned in Peter Taylors book.
Some years ago when published his little book on anodised badges raised a few eyebrows as to some of the contents. But i think he included a number of non aluminium anodised finish badges. I no longer have a copy so cant go through it and cite some more examples.

Alan O 26-01-22 03:49 PM

To call it a book is possibly overstaining it. A lot of drawings on paper are cartoons so that makes it a comic!

Seriously thought it includes several drawings of badges that were not made in a/a so I would not regard it as reliable.

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