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Metalthrower 16-01-22 08:43 PM

Shell Casing Help
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Hi All

Clearing out the shed for a poorly relative and came across this shell casing.

Being new to this and knowing Google is my friend I have tried to work out what it all means. So the bits I can work out

4.5 HOWR
22 6 10 - Manufacture date?
Chapel Armentiers Sep 1915 - Battle of Loos
CFF - Cordite shell?

Any help please on the other markings would be much appreciated.

Bill A 16-01-22 10:31 PM

Hello Metalthrower, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts.

wardog 17-01-22 01:59 AM

Too small to see details but looks like the Loos information has been added. Being an early dated casing and with the battle details given I would think it possible to have been done soon after the war in the area it mentions as a souvenir for visitors to the battlefield. It could have then been used for example as a large ash tray or for a small potted plant. Regards, Paul.

magpie 17-01-22 02:17 AM

C stands for cordite the F is applied after the case goes back for resizing so your case was probably fired 3 times out of its 6 shot life with cordite.

mike_vee 17-01-22 07:49 AM

4.5 HOWR = 4.5 inch howitzer


Metalthrower 17-01-22 10:02 AM

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Many thanks for the quick and very useful replies.

We’ve now found a matching part - 2 shells to make a container with the brass cap badge of the RHA (I think!). There was also a matchbox inside the container as per photo but not sure whether it’s linked or even military.

wardog 17-01-22 02:31 PM

Decent bit of trench art. Could store all sorts of things in that as a decent size. Always a chance made by a serviceman but who knows for sure. Regards, Paul. PS Same badge used by RFA and RGA. I would think RFA correct for a 4.5.

leigh kitchen 17-01-22 06:01 PM

If the two pieces of shell case are a tight fit forming a seal it's possibly a tobacco jar.

magpie 17-01-22 09:50 PM

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Base marking

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