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Milmed 16-01-22 02:25 PM

Unknown enameled insignia
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Acquired these as part of a job lot, but not sure what they represent.

All are gilt with enameling in blue and white. Attachments are a mix of pin and clasp, buttonhole and sliders.

Made by Toye & Co Ltd. London.

The 'COMMITTEE' one has letters 'A.E. & O.T.I' above but a google search did not help identify anything.

Thanks for any assistance


mike_vee 16-01-22 02:38 PM

Used by social clubs and other organisations such as British legion clubs . Have also seen ones made by Fattorini and others with red enamel.


Milmed 16-01-22 04:26 PM

Thanks Mike

Was hoping the 'A.E. & O.T.I' could possibly tie it down to a specific organization


dumdum 17-01-22 09:36 AM


I had some pages copied from a Fattorini catalogue showing these. That curious long lapel fitting (visible in one photo) that is much larger than the standard half moon affair is of some vintage, probably at least pre-WW1.

dumdum 17-01-22 09:39 AM

Oh and I forgot. That "A.E. & O.T.I" might lead you somewhere after all. "T. I" is possibly "Technical Institute" if that helps....:)

Milmed 17-01-22 10:39 AM

Thanks Dumdum

Every little bit helps.


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