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Lazio 15-01-22 11:52 AM

unknown silver badge/brooch
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Hoping someone might have some suggestions or maybe know what this silver 1913 brooch might be for. The letters AD and the crown suggest it may have been more than just a decorative brooch?. measures 36mm width

grenadierguardsman 15-01-22 08:39 PM

Ive no idea, but it looks nice.

dumdum 16-01-22 01:29 AM

I'll look up the maker for you when I get a mo'. I'd take a guess that it may be some type of lodge item and the "A D" could indicate a current or past post within the lodge or order.

For example, IOOF had "P G" which stood for "Past Grand".

JerryBB 16-01-22 07:37 AM

Has religious look to it?

Anno Domini or arch deacon, though the various masonic and other orders does sound likely

Alex Rice 16-01-22 09:36 AM

Here's a similar thing I posted recently, although without the added letters. Thought to an Orange Order item:

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