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RobD 11-01-22 07:03 AM

Help with Boer War flash
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This photo was taken at Three Tree Hill, Spioenkop in the background, in January 1900. The hill was an artillery position with infantry support.
From the helmet flashes, can anyone identify positively if these officers are artillery?
thanks! Rob

Milmed 11-01-22 10:56 AM

Hi Rob,
From a quick search on google for 'Boer War artillery Helmet' it appears the flashes seen in your picture are RA flashes. ie. blue/red rectangles next to each other to form a square shape.


RobD 11-01-22 06:38 PM

Thanks, Steven!
And I note the helmets are officers' private purchase of course, but the neater shape favoured by mounted units

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