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Sonofacqms 08-01-22 10:01 PM

Dorset Regt cap badge
Having noticed a post mentioning the Dorset Regt bi-metal cap badge as being wrong I checked with K&K Vol.II and it is mentioned, also in anodised aluminium.
Is this yet another mistake or were these badges made in the 1950's and never issued.


Alan O 09-01-22 09:13 AM

The Dorset a/a was certainly worn by cadets but every Dorset bi metal badge I have seen is a Martin marsh fake. The regular battalion were wearing the Dorsetshire bimetal badge on amalgamation and then changed to Wessex Brigade.

KLR 09-01-22 10:33 AM

As far as I can see both Patterns 4532/1897 (2 towers)
and 4532A/1901 (3 towers) are in GWM

A GM version Patt 5814/1903 with slider (fitted with a socket in the SD)

Ah, K&K Vol II, too modern for me.....!

leigh kitchen 09-01-22 10:51 AM

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A sealed pattern anodised aluminium JR GAUNT LONDON "Dorset" dated 11/2/1966.

Luke H 09-01-22 11:38 AM

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The Marsh fake is the common one with the gappy scroll ends.

In short I believe the BM Dorset badge was made from the AA Dorset die. Note the reverse die impressions

I do not believe it to be the other way round as simply it’s not how you would construct a BM badge in the 1950s and I do not believe one would be created as late as the 1960s in metal. The solid mass between the Dorset and primus in Indis scrolls is indicative of this.

What’s more they all have horribly modern sliders on them regardless of construction. Post war period it might be expected to find a period maker marked example as was quite common but there are none.

There can be no dispute this die has been widely restruck, it was used in the Birmingham mint set and is found with the Gaunt B’ham mark. Note the pinned back which also appears on those with the fully die cast back with a pin behind the Sphinx.

Sonofacqms 09-01-22 04:46 PM

Thanks chaps for your time and replies, So a fake by any other name.


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