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Home Guard 02-01-22 09:32 PM

Gurkha vs. Rifles Trade Badges
I am trying to understand the difference between a trade badge for the Gurkhas and the Rifles. They both seem to be black on dark green. Is there a difference?



Mike H 02-01-22 10:19 PM

If you mean the trade badges worn by the Rifles on the jumper then no. No1 and No2 dress are edged in silver wire for the Rifles. Just black on rifle green for the Gurkha Rifles
Certain badges are worn by both, others just one of them.
Drummer,piper are Gurkha only. There is also a small black on green para wing for Gurkha mess dress.

Home Guard 02-01-22 10:33 PM

Thanks Mike,

Yes, I am referring to trade badges, and more specifically the Medic Assistant badge. This picture is only to show the badge I am referring to as the Gurkha one I have is difficult to see being black on dark green.

From your reply, then a Rifles version would have a silver outline around the edge?

Again, thanks!


Mike H 02-01-22 11:06 PM

Hi Terry,the medics badge is black on green for both. As far as im awareThe Rifles medic badge with silver hasnt been produced yet.

Home Guard 03-01-22 04:54 AM

Many thnaks Mike!!! That really helps. Just to be sure I understand the silver edging - is that around the patch or around the design, or both?


cavalryman 04-01-22 03:22 PM

Gurkha v Rifles badge differences
Hi Terry, If you look on my link there is a Gurkha bugle badge, and in the row below there is a Rifle's bugle badge.

You can see the differences there.

best regards John

Mike H 04-01-22 03:28 PM

Thanks John ,just wanted to add that the Royal Green Jackets trade badges are the same as the Rifles ones but gold rather than silver. They do have a medic badge.

Home Guard 04-01-22 04:21 PM

John and Mike, Thank you very much for the additional information. I will be looking for those then, as the one I have I now know is Gurkha!


Royal 04-01-22 04:46 PM

Meanwhile the Light Infantry (another Rifles antecedent) are maize yellow on green...

54Bty 04-01-22 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by Royal (Post 569162)
Meanwhile the Light Infantry (another Rifles antecedent) are maize yellow on green...

Maybe even Green on Maize, bottom left. :)


Royal 04-01-22 05:41 PM

Thanks Marc!

Home Guard 05-01-22 12:25 AM

Awesome collection of Medic Qualification Badges Marc!!! I'm working on mine, but no where near what you have.


Home Guard 11-01-22 06:34 PM

I have recently picked up this medic Asst. badge. Am I right in thinking it's a Rifles badge?

If so, one more I can take off my search list!



REME 245 11-01-22 06:39 PM

Not unless that is silver wire.

Home Guard 11-01-22 07:32 PM

Thanks REME,

Nope, mine is definitely gold wire. Any idea what that badge is then with the gold wire?

Rifles Medic badge stays on the wnat list!


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