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jfenzy1 31-12-21 02:57 PM

Home counties reserve
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Hello Guys,
Would I be correct in thinking that this would be a home counties reserve regiment cap badge circa 1900 ? Or is it something else ?

Alan O 31-12-21 03:19 PM

It is a collar worn by a number of the newly raised Boer war era Royal Reserve regiments including the Home Counties.

jfenzy1 31-12-21 05:02 PM

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Thanks Alan, I thought it was a cap badge as it's the same size as this General service corps. Were the cap badges bigger than this ?

Alan O 01-01-22 04:22 PM

The QVC cap badges are 5cm square.

jfenzy1 01-01-22 05:21 PM

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Alan, and happy New year.
Regards, Jim.

Alan O 01-01-22 05:29 PM

Nick Metclafe's article is very comprehensive.

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