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rmarsden 02-02-21 03:43 PM

Just picked this very well made badge. I know what it is could someone suggest an approximate value?

rmarsden 18-02-21 10:57 AM

Two different patterns of collar badges, when did they change from WM?

Traist 18-02-21 03:17 PM

Hi, as far as I know, the brass collar was a restrike, not original. Regards Andrew

Milmed 18-02-21 04:22 PM

I can concur with Andrew. Brass was a restrike

rmarsden 18-02-21 08:05 PM

Thanks guys, not a restrike as they are two different dies so a forgery?

Traist 19-02-21 01:06 PM

In my book a restrike or a forgery are both fakes.:D Have a great weekend.

rmarsden 19-02-21 03:29 PM

Thanks all looking to obtain a matching wm collar.

rmarsden 06-05-21 07:04 PM

Found a wm title, now looking for a match.

rmarsden 06-01-22 12:11 PM

Added a few pieces to this card.
Can someone tell me what other badges were worn by the CSARC?

Milmed 06-01-22 12:33 PM

They continued to wear the CSARV hat and collars. Only the shoulder title changed.

There are also CSARV / CSARC officers badges in hallmarked silver. Only ever seen one set though. Collars were same as white metal ones but cap badge was different.

rmarsden 06-01-22 04:19 PM

Thanks Milmed, do you know what buttons they wore?

Milmed 07-01-22 03:23 AM

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Hi Ron,
Buttons were white metal with crowned winged wheel. No title or scroll.


rmarsden 08-01-22 01:22 PM

Thanks Steven will be on the lookout for one of those.

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