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nbroadarrowz 24-02-20 10:36 PM

W.A.A.F Shoulder title
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Can anyone date this title please. Or give anymore information?

dragon166 25-02-20 12:23 AM

New Zealand WAAF, WWII???

arrestingu 25-02-20 12:46 AM

Women's Auxiliary Air Force , at a guess !! WW2 Australian.

nbroadarrowz 25-02-20 10:29 AM

Thanks for your thoughts.
The badge is not being claimed by Australian collectors and neither is it a NZ badge.

dragon166 25-02-20 10:35 AM

I suggested it was New Zeaand due to the eagle pattern. The Australian version was Womens Australian Auxiliary Air Force (WAAAF)

nbroadarrowz 27-02-20 02:25 AM

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This is the rear of the badge in question.

RCAF_Mike 27-02-20 05:35 PM

I can't say I have ever seen anything like it. All of my references fail to mention a badge like this (even trusty old Nobbs' is coming up empty!). The Eagle is an NZ pattern though.... I usually get a little worried when I see white mesh to the back of a badge, but this mesh is a lot tighter than the usual flimsy stuff I associate with Patch King...... Oddity!

nbroadarrowz 28-02-20 10:52 PM

The badge may well be a trade sample?

The notion of a 'New Zealand Pattern' eagle is new to me. I have about 6 different pattern eagles all from NZ service mans estates. I am currently researching the subject and about to write it up.

On another subject the RNZAF museum is uploading their entire archive of images to the web for all to see and refer to FAQ.


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