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Rolly 12-06-18 08:04 PM

No 9 commando hackle
2 Attachment(s)
Recently won this on greedbay

Just looking for opinions on it and if we think its correct or a reproduction

Cheers gents

Mike B 13-06-18 10:59 AM

Looks correct to me

Rolly 13-06-18 12:40 PM

Cheer mike ill try and get some better pictures once i get it .. but thats always good to know

Mike B 13-06-18 01:16 PM

A nice short 'stubby' example with similar whipping finish I have seen in a couple of attributed items. I generally prefer this type, but have an attributed No.9 Cdo green beret (1943) where the hackle is of the 'longer' type.

sapper533 14-06-18 06:02 AM

Apologies for my ignorance but what would be the difference between a 9 Commando hackle and that of the Kings African Rifle, Royal Ulster Rifles or the Cameronians?

billy 14-06-18 07:09 AM

Am with Sean here, Black hackles, but era unknown?

Mike B 15-06-18 06:56 AM

Sean and Billy - certainly the Cameronians is very much the same - although sellers like to state 'as No.9 Cdo' or 'No.11 Cdo' - etc which is really just 'window dressing'. My comments arise from examples I have attributed to No.9 Cdo veterans and a No.11 Cdo veteran regarding similarity etc. The hackle was adopted unofficially within No.9 and No.11 Cdos and would have been acquired from suppliers to Cameronians etc - so no difference as you infer.
PS: No.11 Cdo adopted the black hackle before No.9 Cdo and were not pleased when No.9 (many of them 'Sassenach's') joined suit.

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