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VALERY 27-03-11 01:28 PM

Mystery badge and strange insignia disposition on a REME corporal bush jacket

Interested in post war conflicts and operations, I found few years ago a pattern 1950 bush jacket, tailor modified belonging to a REME corporal assigned to the 63rd Gurkha Brigade.

However, I have few questions on it.

First, I'm surprised to see two patches on the same sleeve. The highest is the 63 Gurkha Infantry Brigade (AOR Serrmbam, Kuala Lumpa and Muar) and the second is the 28th Commonwealth Independent Infantry Brigade (AOR Penang moving to Butterworth in 1955). That's a mystery for me...

The right sleeve has four press studs and I don't know what type of insignia was it? A formation patch, I don't think, two are enough. I feel a proficiency badge, but so large? Bomb disposal is a RE skill, not REME is not it?

Thank you for your help,



Staffsyeoman 27-03-11 04:29 PM

More likely the kris (dagger) badge of Malaya Command?

grey_green_acorn 27-03-11 05:14 PM

Malaya Command
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Originally Posted by Staffsyeoman (Post 106480)
More likely the kris (dagger) badge of Malaya Command?

Malaya Command Kris:

VALERY 27-03-11 05:42 PM

Thank you for your quick answers, gentlemen,

It sounds like a solution but the two brigades patches remain a mystery?

I don't know why the two formation patches and the ranks are sewn but not the unknown insignia? Perhaps because it was not easily available it was preserved and removed before wash. More simply, soldiers received Malaya Cmd with press studs....

Thank you for your help



jeep 27-03-11 06:06 PM

Strange. I served with 28 Commonwealth Brigade from 1965 to 1968, which was then based in Terendak Camp, Malaka. There were no Gurkha troops within the Brigade as far as I recollect. During my time in the Far East, I do not recollect seeing anyone with two patches on one arm.
The brass REME shoulder title looks to be genuine, and yes, bomb disposal was an RE responsibility, not REME.
Suspect a fake shirt!

54Bty 27-03-11 06:19 PM

From another web site;

HQ REME 63 Gurkha Inf. Bde. Seremban, Kuala Pilah, Kluang 1950-1962

HQ REME 28 Commonwealth Bde. Butterworth, Terendak 1957-1970

L.A.D. 63 Gurkha Inf. Brigade Seremban, Kuala Pilah, Kluang 1951-

Staffsyeoman 27-03-11 06:22 PM

Well, not - perhaps - a fake shirt, but one dressed up, with a missing 'real' badge and an additional badge added.

Many years ago (80s) I bought a US Army shirt in a 'boutique' in Oxford Street. It had a fake 'US Army' tab, but a real name tab; a fake 1st Air Cavalry on the right sleeve but a real 'Big Red One' on the left (all subdued) and a real Drill Instructor badge stitched through the breast pocket. The badges (including the modern duff) alone were worth more than the cost of the shirt. So I bought it.

Mike Jackson 27-03-11 07:48 PM

I suspect that

1. There was an embroidered on felt Malaya Comd sign on the right sleeve - on press studs since it would not have survived the dhobi.

2. The 63 Gurkha Bde sign was a later addition (making the garment a souvenir of his tour in the Far East).

In Europe formation signs sewn on the portion of the neck tie that was invisible when worn was a common practice in the early 1960s - making the tie a souvenir.

VALERY 27-03-11 08:37 PM


First, thank you to all for your interest in a such thread.

My main theme beeing Vietnam war uniforms, I'm really in "put together" shirts and jungle jackets. Spotting warmocks and new insignias added by unscrupulous dealers sharpened my eyes (even it's always possible to have painful surprise:mad:).

I could be wrong but this set sounds good for me: I got it for more or less 15 and far from collectors and gun shows. Trousers and jacket 've been heavily tailored to fit the corporal and are iron in the same way (starched). The two insignias have still starched on.
On the other side of the left sleeve, there is a shade difference due to the sun discoloration, between the places where the insignias are sewn or not. In fact, the 63rd Bde was first on the jacket and later displaced when the 28th has been added. An other patch was sewn on the right sleeve but for a very short time, according to the discoloration.

I know two brigades patches are illogic so perhaps a souvenir jacket or an individual assignment (detached from the 63rd to the 28th), who knows...

Thank you


grey_green_acorn 27-03-11 09:30 PM

Malaya Command
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For completeness an embroidered on felt Malaya Command Formation Badge

willj 01-08-11 02:26 PM

I think that this is a genuine jacket and flashes. The HQ Commonwealth 28th Bde was based at Butterworth in 56 - 59. Several REME chaps were attached to the Gurkhas, some even posted to Nepal. The four press studs may have been for an embroidered flash of the 'rising sun' , won't say the other name for it in open forum. This is still part of the Malaysia flag. I was posted, in REME for the three years 1956-59 in 12 Inf Wksp and 13 Inf Wksp REME. These two came under 26 Gurkha Inf Bde whose HQ was at Segamat and we wore the rising sun on right arm and crossed kukris on green background on left arm.

willj 01-08-11 02:34 PM

Sorry, little bit more to add.
The uniform itself also looks very genuine, should know as I wore it for three years. Usually jacket stayed a bit greener than the shorts and long trousers as they were not washed so often. Dhobi wallah used to wash and starch like a lump of wood. Usually had to 'crack' them open before wearing.
Would have thought the jacket should have GSM medal bar at least, if nothing else, very often sewn on rather than a pin.
Most of the time did not bother to put shoulder badges on unless we were going into town.

VALERY 27-08-11 03:56 PM

Thank you very much Willj for your very helpful comments! I'm really interested to see a period "rising sun" insignia.

Thanks again



Mike Jackson 27-08-11 04:36 PM

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Here (left) is an example of the sign of North Malaya District. 11 points dates it to 1957-63. On federation with Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah joining Malaya to form Malaysia, three more points were added. However when Singapore realised it could do better as a sovereign state and left Malaysia, I don't know whether a range of 13 point signs was introduced. Also shown is an example of the Malaya Comd sign and two examples of the sign of HQ West Malaya/West Malaysia.
Attachment 47324Attachment 47325

VALERY 30-08-11 07:51 PM

Thank you Mike for this quick answer!


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