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dubaiguy 07-04-20 07:08 PM

Royal Northumberland Fusiliers anodised collars
Does anyone know if collars to the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers were ever made in a/a.

leigh kitchen 07-04-20 07:27 PM

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From Churchill (History of The British Army Infantry Collar Badge):

49lassiepen 07-04-20 07:31 PM

checked 5th fusiliers and its badges by Denis Wood the only ref to a/a that I can see is in the fusilier brigade 1962 -1968
Churchill states gold and silver anodised grenades with St George etc sealed 9/10/56 ref 54/inf/8779 for wear vertically on no 2 dress of D Company T A but whether they were ever worn is not known
Denis WOOD under T .A section page 65 1956-1959[?] D company a/a vertical left and right worn on no 2 jacket no photo shown


Mike 07-04-20 07:32 PM

Yes according to Wood - but I've never seen them. He states:

"1956-59(?) D Company (TA) Soldiers. Bi-coloured anodised aluminium (staybright) grenades of the cap badge type 180*. Vertical left and right. Worn on the No.2 dress jacket. "

'180' refers to the usual ano cap badge.

leigh kitchen 07-04-20 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by 49lassiepen (Post 505554)
checked 5th fusiliers and its badges by Denis Wood the only ref to a/a that I can see is in the fusilier brigade 1962 -1968

Is Wood refering to anod. al. RNF or RRF pattern collar badges?
The Fus Bde standardised on Cap badge, collar badge and button (as you'll know).

49lassiepen 07-04-20 07:58 PM

As mike post 180 is R N F insignia D company

bess55 08-04-20 06:24 AM

Yes there are anodised alluminium collars for the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. They are vertical (as the cap badge) and also with the grenade flames horizontal (I.e. at 90 angles left and right).

Definitely seen and held both - been on my wants list for many years. I do know who has them ( on this forum).

matti467 08-04-20 08:35 AM

Having seen the badges of 'Jock' Forbes Burn, yes. Also they were issuing non 'Royal' collars as late as 1944.

49lassiepen 08-04-20 11:05 AM

IN a/a ??? never seen this early

Mike H 08-04-20 12:44 PM

I was always led to believe that they existed.Although I've never seen any. As Bess said previously, 2 sets ,one vertical and the other horizontal.

54Bty 08-04-20 01:12 PM

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Found it, CCN 1963 CB 3475.


bess55 08-04-20 01:54 PM

That's the bad boy . . .

49lassiepen 08-04-20 04:10 PM

Many thanks Marc
Bess is the date in post 8 correct???

leigh kitchen 08-04-20 04:18 PM

I took that as a reference to the NF "metal" collar badges still being in use for some years rather than being replaced by RNF after the regiment became "Royal".

matti467 08-04-20 04:28 PM

Yes it is. He joined in 1944 via the RAF was badged Manchester and then Middlesex before going to the RNF

49lassiepen 08-04-20 05:38 PM

Sorry misunderstood as the post is on a/a collar badges

54Bty 09-04-20 12:42 PM

Images added to post number 11.


dubaiguy 09-04-20 06:11 PM

A big thanks to all - and if like me you have never seen one - we sure have now.

ukbrits 13-04-20 03:28 PM

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........and here's the other side too!

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