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Dave67 07-01-21 04:05 PM

Tyneside Irish
I have read all regards TI on thread. This has been valuable in my research of great uncle who died on first day of somme.
A couple of questions:
What NF cap badge was used seen two one with narrow plumes one with wide.
Secondly any reputable dealers to buy original badges from. Would like 26, badge,NF to display alongside his Victory medal

wardog 07-01-21 09:14 PM

Single metal, wide flames-Not the later Royal badge. Regards, Paul.

wardog 07-01-21 09:48 PM

Not sure about the ST-was it just number over Tyneside Irish harp? Not sure if that was over an NF. Regards, Paul.

Dave67 07-01-21 11:03 PM

Many thanks for this. Have found an original Tyneside collar badge with Reid & Co Newcastle upon Tyne on rear of Harp. It is priced at 110 which i think is a bit steep do you agree

wardog 08-01-21 12:39 AM

This looks the best thread. So, number harp NF. Regards, Paul.

wardog 08-01-21 08:20 PM

I got lucky with mine in 2014. Then the opinion was around 75 for a Reid shoulder title harp. As its for a family project and not just to add to a collection, I would understand you considering the badge you mention. Regards, Paul.

Dave67 08-01-21 10:47 PM

Do you think about right or is it overpriced. Would like an original but may have to go for repro as they are about 35.

Dave67 08-01-21 10:49 PM

Do you think it is overpriced. Would prefer original but if not would have to settle for repro i guess

wardog 09-01-21 07:42 PM

I do think it overpriced. A collector would wait for another to come along. But if I wanted it for a display in memory of a relative, I would consider it. You could make a display with a copy- a space filler, and perhaps you could mark on the reverse of the display that the badge is a copy to avoid future confusion. You could then keep an eye open for a good one to turn up. Regards, Paul.
PS Its not a badge you see every week, 6 or 7 years ago 75 was thought a fair price. Say that's now 85- up to you if you want to pay 25 more- as a one of buy that may not sound too bad, depends if you want to get into collecting badges or not.

Dave67 09-01-21 07:45 PM

Just found one on cultmancollectibles no idea if original he says it is could you possibly look please as you are more knowledgable than me

Dave67 09-01-21 07:46 PM

Dave67 09-01-21 07:49 PM

I have it on hold at the minute

wardog 09-01-21 08:04 PM

That's a good bit of money. You need to search threads again, Irish badge collectors don't seem to think much of North-South lug badges. The Reid badge had lugs West-East. It would seem that any non Reid badge causes suspicion. I collect Great War in general so no expert. Good luck. Regards, Paul.

Dave67 09-01-21 09:23 PM

Ok many thanks, will keep looking.

Dave67 16-02-21 10:50 PM

Tyneside Irish check
2 Attachment(s)
Good evening all

Can I have your input on this please original/fake
In my limited knowledge looks ok to including crown.

Many thanks


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