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Mike Jackson 22-04-19 05:03 PM

Could someone please give me the expansions of these designations - all taken from the Record of Service of a member of Royal Australian Signals who served in Australia, New Guinea and Moratai.

113 ACD, Holding Squadron LTD, 162 LAA Bty RAA (Which Regt?), a trade group - "Operator TG II" and finally the partial name of a Troopship (taken up from trade?): SS Mac...Uycku

All ideas and answers much appreciated. The soldier concerned, now deceased, was my Father in Law. Thanks. Mike

fairlie63 22-04-19 07:39 PM

Hi Mike,

113th Australian Convalescent Depot (ACD); Holding Squadron Leave and Transit Depot; 162nd Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Battery - originally raised in 113 Aust LAA Regt, became independent and served in New Guinea, then came under command of 114 Aust LAA Regt before returning to Australia. Was part of 1 Aust Corps Troops on the Tablelands in 1944 but began disbanding by late 1944.

113 Aust Con Dep was in New Guinea. Will look at my notes when I get home tonight to expand on 162 Aust LAA Bty.


Mike Jackson 23-04-19 05:12 AM

Very many thanks. 113 ACD makes absolute sense in the context it appears. I found the repeated use of the numeral 113 (as in 113 LAA Regt) very confusing!

fairlie63 23-04-19 08:03 AM


Operator Trade Group II (TG II) - could be Operator Keyboard and Line, or Operator Keyboard and Wireless, or Operator Wireless and Line. These were all Aust Corps of Signals classifications within trade grouping II (along with Special Wireless but he wasn't that), not certain which of these would have been found in a LAA Regt Sig Sec.

If he was Aust Corps of Sigs then probably attached from 113 Aust LAA Regt Sig Sec, I don't think Aust Corps of Sigs personnel were posted directly to LAA btys as part of their War Establishment.

Ship is most probably Maetsuycker, which along with Both were the vessels that 162 Aust LAA Bty travelled to New Guinea on. Can't quite identify when the battery travelled to NG, probably late November 1942, and were located at Pari Beach, Port Moresby, about 6 December 1942 under command of HQ New Guinea Force for special duties (Lilliput Force), which I think was the contingent for the establishment of a base at Oro Bay NG.

162 was originally raised about May 1942 as 154 Aust LAA Bty, 113 Aust LAA Regt, being renumbered 162 soon afterwards. It came under command of 114 Aust LAA Regt in August 1943, at Morobe at the time, and returned to Australia on 28 January 1944 from Buna on Katoomba. Moved from Queensland to New South Wales in July 1944, concentrated at Singleton. Began disbanding in November 1944.

From his service record can you confirm the dates he embarked Australia and disembarked New Guinea in 1942, thanks.


Mike Jackson 23-04-19 09:35 AM

Many thanks. Quoting from his Service and Casualty Form (AF B.103-1 (Adopted): (all written in spidery manuscript!)

26 Oct 42: Det to 162 LAA Bty Sigs Det
26 Oct 42: Embraked Brisbane per SS Maetsuycker
28 Nov 42: Disembarked Port Moresby per SS Maetsuycker
29 Oct 41: Service in New Guinea begins


29 Oct 43: Transferred to 114 LAA Regt Sigs Sect
29 Oct 43: Disembarked Townsville
2 Dec 43: Service in New Guineas ends.

His 1939/45 Star Award Certificate shows: 162 LAA Bty New Guinea 29 Oct 42 to 18 Oct 43

and (For Pacific Star)

Royal Aust Corps of Signals: Morotai 8 Apr 45 15 Sep 45

I'm still confused! Mike

fairlie63 23-04-19 07:36 PM

Confused, understandable. Reckon 1941 must be error for 29 Oct 42, the latter date might be when it reached Townsville and staged there. 2nd Flight of Lilliput wasn't supposed to arrive at Milne Bay until 18 November, in the event it went to Port Moresby instead.

I think 2/2 Aust Anti-Tank Regt also went at the same time and was domiciled aboard ship in PM for almost a month, I've come across that anomaly before so will look further.

Can't explain Dec 43 as service ending, again perhaps a clerk's error, or his return from leave and taken on strength of his unit again.


MarkGD 23-04-19 07:55 PM

Hi Mike, Op TG should be a telegraphist, so normally skilled at Morse, Regards Mark

fairlie63 24-04-19 08:56 AM

Mike, apparently Both and Maetsuycker spent 14 days staging at Townsville after sailing from Brisbane on 29 October, and on arrival at Port Moresby lived on board ship until disembarkation on 28 November.

Mike Jackson 24-04-19 12:52 PM

Many thanks both! Much appreciated. It all helps fill the gaps in family history,

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