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Sonofacqms 24-01-21 08:42 PM

Cambridgeshire Pouch badge
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I may have posted this item before, but the membership of the forum keeps increasing and there is just a chance that a member may be able to throw a light on this badge.

A white metal Cambridgeshire badge superimposed on a silver (hallmarked anchor, lion and X) wreath with the maker B&P stamped on it, the badge has two screw posts E-W and was bought from Bosleys a few years back.

I have seen a similar badge with two loops which an old dealer friend of mine sold before I could buy it to another local collector, the lady he bought it from at the antique fair said it was her Father's, but he failed to get her name as she said she had all his paperwork at home which would have been a great help.

The Cambridgeshire museum at Duxford have been donated a similar badge and have asked me if I know what it is as it has eluded them as to the identity.

Over the last thirty years I have asked several old Cambridgeshire's if they have any ideas as to it's purpose, this included telephone calls to a former bandsman, none knew anything of this badge.

There was an album collected by an old member of the Regiment which I borrowed which is now in the Cambridgeshire collection archives and showed photos among others of the 1946 return of the drums from Singapore ceremony. Studying the relevant photos this badge was not evident in any of them.

My thoughts are that this badge and others were made up for a ceremony using the white metal Cambridgeshire cap badge which was a post WWII item with suitably proportioned wreaths. The other one I have seen is not HM silver, hence my thoughts on this being a bespoke item.

As to whether these were officially worn or discarded I would love to know, hence posting this, all ideas and help welcomed.


Sonofacqms 25-01-21 09:58 PM

Cambridgeshire Pouch badge
Well, seventy forum members have had a look at this post and not one reply, it just goes to show difficult it is to identify some badges.

My thanks to all of you who took the trouble to look.


grenadierguardsman 25-01-21 10:55 PM

All I can say is, its a nice item. Very good quality imho.

Sonofacqms 27-01-21 09:11 PM

Cambridgeshire Pouch badge
Thank you Andy for that comment, this was a badge I was chasing for several years and missed the one my old dealer friend bought and sold within a few minutes.

The Cambridgeshire Regiment being my "local" and having family connections I have collected them for over forty years, I still need a few items which are getting harder to find.


norfolk regt man 28-01-21 05:58 PM

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hi Rob, heres some photos showing the wreath backing used on other badges. there is two sizes.

norfolk regt man 28-01-21 06:00 PM

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norfolk regt man 28-01-21 06:01 PM

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and more

Sonofacqms 31-01-21 05:19 PM

Cambridgeshire Pouch badge
Andrew, many thanks for showing the different wreathed badges available, I do have a few of these, but my Cambridgeshire has screw posts and was made for a pouch badge rather than something that could have been constructed for a sweetheart badge.

Does your Cambridgeshire badge have screw posts, loops or any other fixing?

Do you know why this item was made?

Regards Rob

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