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Freddo 06-06-21 11:32 AM

British cap
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Cosa ne pensate di questo berretto di artiglieria?

Bill A 06-06-21 09:20 PM

Hello Freddo, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts.

Hawthorn 06-06-21 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by Freddo (Post 551477)
Cosa ne pensate di questo berretto di artiglieria?

Using Google translate ....What do you think of this artillery cap?


atillathenunns 06-06-21 11:32 PM

Nice WW2 period officers SD cap

leigh kitchen 07-06-21 07:35 AM

What is the wording above the "Herbert Johnso" logo please?
"By Appointment To HM King....?" Or "The Late King...", The Queen", The Prince of Wales"?

mike_vee 07-06-21 08:22 AM

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Advert from a 1936 copy of the ‘Royal Artillery Journal’ .

leigh kitchen 07-06-21 08:45 AM

Yep, there are other "By Appointments" too, to The King, The Late King, King Edward VIII, King George VI, The Queen etc.

mike_vee 07-06-21 08:55 AM

I just liked that the ad was specifically aimed at the Royal Artillery . :D


leigh kitchen 07-06-21 09:04 AM

I know........ it'd be good to print out for display with the cap.

KOMalta 07-06-21 12:30 PM


Originally Posted by Freddo (Post 551477)
Cosa ne pensate di questo berretto di artiglieria?


E' un buon esempio di un ufficiale di artiglieria della seconda guerra.

Freddo 07-06-21 04:32 PM

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good evening and thanks for the replies, first of all I apologize for having written the first message in Italian, now I will use google translated I hope you can understand everything, I am sending you more photos of the cap and also of the manufacturer's logo that I was able to find on the web ... on a Facebook militaria group two people told me that the cap is post ww2 right from the manufacturer's logo ... I hope not so ... I trust in your help to understand better😊

leigh kitchen 07-06-21 04:43 PM

Yes, the wording in the cap shown in post no. 5 shows that Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne when the cap was manufactured.
If manufactured during the reign of King George VI the wording would refer to him, not the Queen.
There was, after the death of King George VI and prior to the granting of a Royal Warrant of Appointment To Herbert Johnson by Queen Elizabeth II, a period when the wording would refer to The Late King or The Late King George VI, I don't know the dates of that wording, whether for months or years after the death of the King.
Ii would expect to see the Queen's Crown, the St Edward's Crown insignia on a cap with the wording that is in yours but perhaps the King's Crown insignia could be original to the cap.
The cap itself however was manufactured sometime after 1952.

The images of the logo shown in post no. 1 and post no. 5 appear to be of two different caps?
If so, is the wording in both exactly the same?

Freddo 07-06-21 05:04 PM

yes what you read well is taken from the web, unfortunately the writing in my hat does not read well, I only read well the name of the manufacturer

mike_vee 07-06-21 05:23 PM

Hat from 1950's :


Freddo 07-06-21 05:31 PM

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yes unfortunately there are no more doubts the cap is not ww2, I managed to take a better photo of the brand and it says queen ... I don't understand why the badge is for the king and the cap instead of the queen

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