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Phil2M 23-08-19 02:57 PM

Nyasaland Prisons, cap or collar?
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Hi All,

This is a recent acquisition, which I am wondering if it is a cap or collar badge.

Its pretty polished out on the front, but its got a nice 'Firmin London' maker mark on the back of the scroll.

Its no where near as big as the Nyasaland Police badge that I have. It measures 4.6 x 4 cm. Lugs East and West.

Showing the police badge just for any interest, this has lugs North and South. (No back picture, sorry).

Any opinions greatly appreciated, thanks :)



Bantam 24-08-19 11:14 AM

Hi Phil,
Just measured my cap and I make it 5cm x4cm.
Hwyl Bantam

Phil2M 24-08-19 11:24 AM

Thanks, Bantam, so only 4mm difference in width. Taking maker variables in to account, I think I will put this down to being a cap badge.

Thank you for your help :)



Bantam 24-08-19 01:42 PM

Hi Phil,
I took the frame with the badge and measured again and can confirm that your measurements are correct and yes it's a cap badge.

Phil2M 24-08-19 02:57 PM

Thank you again, really appreciate that :)

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