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121155 26-06-19 01:52 AM

Kings Own Calgary Regiment Darkened Cap badge
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Iíve had this for a while and didnít think much of it until I recently saw a Calgary Regiment darkened cap Badge sell on eBay. Common practice for Armoured regiments? Or maybe just the Calgary regt and KOCR?

ddaydodger 26-06-19 09:34 PM

Darkened badges for the King's Own Calgary Regiment are not common, I have never seen one. There was a period in the 1990s/2000s when the regiment ordered bronzed badges for the officers, an RCD influence. They were short lived.
Are you sure it's not an officers' silver badge that has tarnished?

121155 26-06-19 10:37 PM

Darkened cap badge
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Here is the QC Officers Cap Badge that was made in bronze. I donít think the KC badge in question is tarnished, and I have not seen a KC Officers Cap Badge. Do you know if they exist?

ddaydodger 26-06-19 11:00 PM

That is the late 90s badge I was referring to. They were short lived and an abomination. There are silver and gilt badges for the 1949 badge as well as the previous one, with the sun burst. Those are especially nice bages, but rare. I will post pictures when I get a chance. What is the badge below your bronze badge in the photo?

121155 27-06-19 12:02 AM

Cap badge
The one below is the silver and gilt Officers Cap Badge.

121155 27-06-19 12:03 AM

Bronze QC
I think the Regiment May have had the bronze badges done at an earlier date as well. I have had this one since the mid to late 80ís

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