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fearnaught 05-11-18 08:52 PM

Some armoured queries
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Hi, picked up some Canadian armoured bits over the week-end and have a few questions. Is the RCAC badge an officer's badge? I've included the normal one for comparison. Secondly, what is this 6th Hussars badge for? and finally, is the CAC title genuine?, I've only had this version with a light backing material. The maroon instead of brown British made one has a dark backing material, could this then be the next corrected colour production? thanks in advance Mike

Bill A 06-11-18 12:09 PM

Hi Mike, The RCAC badge with the screw posts looks like an officer's pattern. It was struck from a different die. Some of the first qc pattern were modified kc badges, with the St Edwards crown replacing the Tudor crown. But, for what purpose is a question. The head dress of the corps was the beret, and screw posts would be problematic. The 6 Hussars is also a puzzle. Their badge was either white metal or frosted silver or osd. Perhaps this example is an unfinished osd? Finally, there are many variations of the Canadian Armoured Corps title. This appears to be a good example of one of the variations.

fearnaught 06-11-18 01:38 PM

Hi Bill, thank you for the information, at least the CAC can join the collection. Hope all is well with you and best wishes, Mike

ddaydodger 06-11-18 04:38 PM

The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps was authorized a forage cap with scarlet band for use in patrol dress. The cap badges are suppose to be the same size, for both officers and men, for all orders of dress. Silver for officers and WO1, and white metal for others. The larger badge is probably just a manufacturers variation. Screw posts (or lugs and cotter pins) are always a popular choice for badge mounting, even for berets. They are far more secure than sliders. The KO Calg R use a screw post badge today for example.

fearnaught 06-11-18 06:57 PM

Hi, thankyou for that information, now just the 6th Hussars to go. Did Scully ever silver plate their badges? best wishes and thankyou, Mike

Bill A 06-11-18 07:03 PM

Hi Mike, the brass badge could very well be the base for a silver plated or frosted silver badge. One of the officer's pattern for the 6th Hussars was frosted.

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