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Anjoucollector 10-04-18 04:53 PM

Royal Westminster Regiment brassard
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is it possible to date this brassard, and is there any logic to find these badges and chevrons together ?

Thank you

ddaydodger 10-04-18 07:00 PM

Perfectly good. The centre badge is FMC- Force Mobile Command adopted about 1964 during the integration period of the CF. Regimental title and Cpls rank. Worn normally with bush dress, but also in combat dress. It took time for combat dress to filter into the militia, so it could be worn up to 1974.

Anjoucollector 10-04-18 07:05 PM

Thank you for your very precise answer ... and confirmation it is genuine


Bill A 10-04-18 09:15 PM

The date can be narrowed down a bit more. The Royal Westminster Regiment titles were not authorized until 1970. So it had to have been made after that date.

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