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Landyman101 29-06-15 01:45 PM

Royal Canadian Hussars
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Had a look through the threads and could not see one similar .. marked on the slider J R Gaunt Montreal Made in England ..



Phillip Herring 29-06-15 02:30 PM

Bill A 29-06-15 05:02 PM

I am not sure why the RCH badges would be made by Gaunt in the UK. The example shown is an other ranks badge and appears to be a good quality striking. I wonder if the regiment ran short of badges and ordered a supply from the UK?

Phillip Herring 29-06-15 09:56 PM

I have "QC" Canadian Badges in my collection that were made by Gaunt.
Rocky Mountain Rangers
Royal Winnipeg Rifles
Fort Garry Horse
8th Canadian Hussars


Bill A 29-06-15 10:02 PM

The RCR can be added to the list.
My question is more about a contradiction between policy and procurement. There was a "buy Canadian" policy in effect for system procurements and if the badges were made by Gaunt, were they regimental kit shop purchases?

Phillip Herring 29-06-15 10:30 PM

I have QC officers' badges made by Gaunt. I wonder if Gaunt made the ORs' badges on their own initiative for some reason.


Bill A 25-07-15 03:41 PM

A qc Fusiliers Mont Royal badge is currently being offered on ebay with a stamped slider. It is a pattern that I have not seen previously.

fearnaught 03-12-19 12:19 PM

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Hi, I picked up this badge over the week-end. The question is, was it usual to have sliders on what I assume is an officer's badge also if possible a time for use of this badge, thanks in advance Mike

Bill A 03-12-19 12:32 PM

Hi Mike, sliders were used on officers' badges. More unusual to have the J R Gaunt marking.

fearnaught 03-12-19 01:20 PM

Hi Bill, thank you for the reply, any idea on the time frame? best wishes and thanks again, Mike

Bill A 03-12-19 03:23 PM

The Royal Canadian Hussars were formed in 1958 by the amalgamation of the 6 Duke of Connaught's Royal Canadian Hussars and the 17th Duke of Yorks Royal Canadian Hussars. They are still an active unit in the Canadian militia today.

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