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Wooffy 17-10-20 11:10 PM

Removing Background from an Image Very Simply
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Hi All,

Just stumbled across a piece of online jiggery pokery that I thought I would share. As we know, there are many ways to remove backgrounds from photo's and images, often these involve the use of an embedded or downloaded piece of software. (I have and use a couple of these). However, I have been pointed to an online piece of software (which can be found here) that I have found to be exceedingly good. It involves the uploading of your image and then the downloading of your 'cleaned' image, free and without cost. Although there is a paid version of the software you can download to your desktop to work offline.

I thought it might be useful for those who wish to this but aren't very handy with photoshop etc...

Attached are a couple of before and after images of a cap which has undergone this process. (There are built in tools to allow for fine tuning online before online if you need them but this is straight from the package without any intervention on my part).

dragon166 18-10-20 01:27 AM

Thanks Dave, very easy to use.

marinus 18-10-20 06:14 AM

Online background removal tool
Thank you for sharing!


mike_vee 18-10-20 07:12 AM

Bookmarked ! ;)


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