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NewRNcollector 15-10-20 04:36 PM

Hello from sunny Spain!
Having been a member for a short time, the information and support has proven to be excellent, so it's about time I explained who I am...

My name is Paul, I've been collecting since the early 1970' problem has always been sticking to a particular area. Therefore I have a vast number of badges of all types.

I have recently started to downsize and am concentrating on the CDC place names. Mainly because there doesn't seem to be a reference book about them and the challenge is there. Once i have enough then I would like to put some sort of reference material on the forum. At the moment, I have almost 200...finding others is quite difficult (though I have managed to get four via the forum!)

My other interest is the RN. Tallies and branch badges....I got into these purely because I just didn't understand them!
I spent 27 years in the Army, retired in 2006.

Over the coming time I will be listing some items and see if there is any interest...cloth, metal, anodised etc...
My collection ranges from Div Signs, Cloth shoulder titles, Sgt's arm badges, trade badges, cap/collar/shoulder/buttons of most eras. I have a lot of TRF, slip on rank badges, some side caps, HPC's, Regimental badges plus a lot more. A lot has sold already, but if anyone is looking for anything specific please let me know.

I do not have any WW2 SAS, PPA, or most of the very difficult ones. I do have some good original Commando shoulder titles though.

Areas covered: Army, HG, Civil authorities (Fire, police), RAF, cadets, RM. I also have some Dutch badges, mainly collected in the early 1980's...and a few WW2 German items.

In all I had around 5000 badges. Many have been snapped up but there is still a lot to be had...some hard to come by, others quite basic...and yes, there may be a few incorrect ones (the main problem when buying when very young!)

Thanks to all for the excellent help and knowledge.....just wish I had found this forum many years ago!


MarkGD 15-10-20 04:58 PM

Paul, welcome, maybe some of us could learn a thing or two from you. Best Regards - Mark

grenadierguardsman 15-10-20 05:44 PM

Welcome to the Forum.

NewRNcollector 15-10-20 06:23 PM

Thanks gents.

There are plenty of experts in their own right here.
Anything I can help with I'll be here...


dragon166 16-10-20 01:13 AM

Would be interested to know what RAF badges you have?

Calpe 16-10-20 04:21 PM

Hi Paul,

Good to see you in the Forum.

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