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Alan O 14-04-13 08:51 AM Vol 2 shows examples of a selection of Cadet badges. One weakness is its failure to differentiate between School OTC badges (although the Chapter is entitled OTCs), School Cadet Corps badges, military schools, regional Cadet Corps and post WW2 CCF badges.

KK 2497 Adam's Grammar School Newport, Shropshire. A CCF badge founded in 1951.
K&K 2498 K&K omit the brass OTC badge for Aldenham School. The w/m version was worn post war by the School's CCF.
KK2504 Bancroft School - CCF badge and not an OTC
KK 2514 Bridlington School OTC. The OTC badge is shown and is recorded in use in 1938. The other versions are described. One is the OTC badge with the OTC scroll cut off - presumably from the post 1940 JTC era and the third is a CCF badge which was still in use c.2012.
K&K 2520 Blundell’s School The OTC wore a bronzed Devon’s badge. The S/P Squirrel[/URL] is post-war CCF from the 1970s onwards.
Campbell College - The chrome boars head is post war CCF and also worn by the School Pipe Band.
K&K 2523 Chard School. Not an OTC. Affiliated to 5 SLI in 1922 as a cadet coy. The school had a ACF post WW2 and was badged to RA.
K&K 2533. Dartford Grammar School. The CCF badge is shown. The OTC wore a white horse similar to the WKY.
Downside School - The gun metal badge was worn by the CCF.
K&K 2452/3 Duke of York’s. A military school Cadet Corps and not an OTC.
K&K 2549 Elizabeth College - The bugle OTC badge was in use in 1937. The coat of arms badge in K&K was post war CCF.
K&K 2560 George Watson's College hat badge was K&K2559. 2560 is a misidentified sporran badge.
K&K 2564 Glasgow High School - Misidentified Glasgow Corporation badge. The OTC wore K&K 2563 as a bonnet badge. Later on used as a sporran badge when the OTC wore the Cameronians bonnet badge.
K&K 2565. Gordon’s Boys School. A military school Cadet Corps and not an OTC.
K&K 2571, Harrow County School - Formed up as an ACF in 1947 then a CCF.
K&K 2576/7 Hulme Grammar School - It is the Manchester school. K&K show the cadet corps badge and not the OTC version. HGS Oldham was a ATC/CCF. The single lion badge is not an OTC badge at all.
K&K 2586. Misidentified as King Charles I School Kidderminster Cadet Corps. It is King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford CCF.
K&K 2588. KE Five Ways’ School. A Cadet Corps and not an OTC. The badge shown is a CCF one as the Cadet Corps wore Warwickshire regt. The CCF badge was still in use in the 1980s.
K&K 2590 King Edwards VI Grammar School Lichfield A Cadet Corps and not an OTC.
K&K 2599 King's School Peterborough. A Cadet Corps/ ACF platoon and not an OTC.
K&K 2610 Lord William's School Thane. A Cadet Corps and not an OTC. Ran from 1915-31. CCF was raised in 1949 and wore RASC and RAOC cap badges.
K&K 2629 Mercers school cadet corps founded in 1914. The school closed in 1958.
K&K 2623. Millfield School. Post war CCF not an OTC/CC.
K&K 2624. Mill Hill School. The blackened 1st pattern badge has a different central design.
K&K 2626. Monmouth School - The dragon badge of the same design as the post WW2 Monmouth TA regt is post OTC era. Worn by the CCF from 1968.
K&K 2629. Morgan Academy. A CCF badge is shown. A preceding cadet corps was affiliated to the local Rifle Volunteers.
K&K 2630 Morrisons academy large badge was worn on the glengarry.
K&K 2631 Morrisons academy CCF smaller badge was worn on Balmoral bonnets with a CCF version post WW2.
K&K 2632 Moseley Grammar School. Not OTC but CC.
K&K 2640 Paston's Grammar School Norfolk - A Cadet Corps and not an OTC.
K&K 2643 Portmouth Northern Grammar. A CCF and not an OTC. A Chrome badge also exists.
K&K 2644 Portsmouth Southern Grammar. A CCF and not an OTC.
K&K 2645 Price's School. A post war CCF badge. The Cadet Corps predecessor wore 6th Hants.
Queen Mary's Grammar School Basingstoke. Not an OTC and as part of Hants County cadets the school wore Hants badges:
so not a badge worn by the school but possibly worn by all Hants cadets 1930-2?
K&K 2647 Queen Victoria School Dunblane. A military school Cadet Corps and not an OTC.
K&K 2532 Duke of York's Royal Military School. GVth version exists. A military school Cadet Corps and not an OTC.
K&K 2660 Royal Liberty School - CCF badge.
K&K 2661 Royal Wantage School. Typo - Royal Wanstead School CCF. The Wanstead Infant Orphan Asylum changed its name to Royal Wanstead School in 1938. RWS did have a Cadet Corps but no OTC.
St Benedicts School, Ealing - CCF badge.
K&K 2665 St Brendan's College Bristol - CCF began in 1951. No OTC. There was a CC from 1943-5 which wore the RTR and the Glosters badges.
K&K 2672/3 St Ignatius. A CCF did exist but not an OTC. 2672 is a school badge for another school as the school did not have a JTC.
K&K 2675. Misidentified. It is St Walter St Johns Battersea Grammar School Cadet Corps. There were 2 versions of this badge which had minor differences to the designs upon the central shield.
K&K 2680. Sevenoaks. Post WW2 CCF badge first used in 1956.
Shaftsbury Grammar School. Cadet Corps and later a CCF.
K&K 2695. University College School. The OTC wore the w/m Artists’ Rifles cap badge. The badge shown is pre 1908 Cadet Corps - possibly pouch or HPC.
K&K 2700 Misidentified as Royal Wanstead School K&K 2661. It is Wanstead County High School. They had a CC&CCF not an OTC.
K&K 2703. Welbeck College. Post WW2 military school CCF badge and not an OTC.
K&L 2706 Wellington College Salop. The single lion is a livery badge with the torse removed.
K&K 2713 Wilson's Grammar School. Scrolless version is the CCF badge. Also found with right facing horse suggesting that they were originally collars.
K&K 2715 Windsor GS CCF - Mistaken ID (of a livery badge?) as the School Cadet Corps and later the CCF wore the Berkshire Regt cap badge.

Absent are:

Haileybury School Junior Cadets
Handsworth GS
Oakham School OTC first pattern cap badge 1910-29.
Royal Naval School Eltham which closed in 1910.
Bradford GS
St Andrew's College, Dublin Closed 1922. School design.

These School OTCs wore standard regular/TF badges rather than a school badge. This was either because they replaced School designs or continued to use designs used by their Cadet Corps predecessors. This list only goes up to 1938 so not JTC/CCF eras.

Ardrossan Academy OTC - Royal Artillery TF.
Bath - Wore the 1st Bn Somerset Light Infantry badge having been previously badged to the 1st VB SLI.
Bedford Grammar School OTC - RE
Bedford Modern School OTC - Beds/ Beds and Herts. School collars were worn.
Bishop's Stortford School OTC - Herts Regt badge. 1906-08 Cadet Coy in the Herts RV and Herts TF from 1911 onwards.
Bishop Vesey's School - Royal Warwickshire's badge.
Blundell's School - Bronzed brass TF Devonshire's badge. Blundell's CCF had a S/P bespoke design.
Bromsgrove School OTC Initially school badge but latterly adopted the Worcs badge
Chatham House School. Affiliated to the Buffs and closed in 1917.
Christ College Brecon OTC - Reformed as a Junior OTC in 1937 - South Wales Borderers.
Coatham School OTC - Green Howards.
Dartford Grammar School OTC - West Kent Yeomanry design.
David Stewart's College OTC - Royal Scots.
Dorchester Grammar School - Initially a Dorchester OTC design until at least 1938 but later adopted the Dorsetshire Regt's badge circa 1940.
Durham School OTC - TF Durham Light Infantry in blackened brass.
Elstow School - Closed in 1916. S/T exists but no cap badge is known. The school was previously Bedford County School so possibly Bedfords' badge.
Glasgow Academy - Highland Light Infantry
Glasgow High School - Cameronians. The original OTC cap badge became the sporran badge.
Grimsby Municpal College OTC - School badge and then adopted the Lincolnshire Regt badge.
Handsworth Grammar School - Staffordshire Yeomanry badge but it is not 100% whether brass or nickel (or both) were worn. Replaced by the SStaffs badge in WW2 and then RWarcs when a CCF.
Highgate School OTC - Middlesex Regt.
Hillhead High School - HLI cap badge.
King's College Taunton OTC - Somerset LI. Possibly at first with blank scroll.
King Edward VII (Sheffield) - Royal Engineers until a school badge was adopted in the 1920s. Disbanded in 1927.
King's School Bruton OTC - adopted the Dorsetshire's badge.
King's School (Worcester) OTCs Initially school badge based on 1st Worcs design but latterly adopted the Worcs badge.
Leeds' Grammar School OTC - Initially school sheep design badge but adopted the Duke of Wellington's badge from 1922.
Liverpool Collegiate OTC - South Lancashire Regt.
Liverpool Institute OTC - Kings Liverpool in w/m as TF Bn.
Llandovery College OTC - South Wales Borderers.
Malvern College OTC adopted the Worcs badge
Mansfield School Queen Elizabeth's - Formerly affiliated to Notts and Derby VB from 1906 before becoming an OTC in 1908. No bespoke cap badge is known but a OTC S/T exists.
Merchant Taylors School - Company arms
Merchant Taylors' School (Great Crosby) Rifles - 6th Bn Kings Regt.
Newton College OTC - Devonshire's badge.
Peter Symonds School OTC - Hampshire Regt. They had formerly been a Cadet Corps Coy in the Hants TF.
Plymouth College OTC - As the PofW feathers as worn by the 15th Bn London Regt.
Portora School - Royal Inniskillings Regt from their founding in 1929.
Queen Mary's Grammar School Walsall- Cadets wore South Staffs' cap badges.
Royal Grammar School High Wycombe - Buckinghamshire Bn cap badge with School S/T.
Royal High School Edinburgh OTC - Royal Scots.
Sebright School OTC - Wore the Worcestershire regt badge.
Sherborne School OTC -Initially school badge but latterly adopted the Dorsetshire's badge. This was in use in the 1920s.
Sidcup Hall School OTC - Royal West Kent
St Alban's School - Hertfordshire TF Regt in blackened finish.
West Buckland OTC - Devonshire Regt
Whitgift OTC - Initially school badge but latterly adopted the Queen's West Surrey badge.

dubaiguy 14-04-13 03:07 PM

Wrekin College v Belgian Army 2nd bde
3 Attachment(s)
Here is a Wrekin lion for comparison.

In 1942 the Belgian Government in exile in London agreed that it was necessary, once Belgium would be liberated, to rebuild a nucleus of a new Army, well trained, ready for battle and the eventual occupation of Germany. When the first elements of the 2nd Infantry Brigade arrived in Northern Ireland for training from January 1945 on, a shortage of Belgian rampant lions for the beret occured. A British headgear badge was found, the lower part (scroll?) was cut off , and the remaining lion was worn as the "Belgian Lion" on the beret. Possibly this was also done with the collar badges.

This source may refer to the Wrekin badge scroll or the torse from the livery badge. The badge in K&K is not OTC but the livery badge.

Alan O 02-06-14 08:13 AM

Llladovery College
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A picture from the Old Llandoverians which clearly shows the SWB cap badge in use by the School cadets. The School is in Carmarthenshire so SWB was the local regt.

Alan O 05-06-14 08:59 AM

Portsmouth Northern and Southern Grammar Schools
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Further research has proved that both Portsmouth Northern and Southern Grammar School badges date from post 1947.

The schools both adopted these names in 1947, before 1947 they were Secondary Schools, so the Northern Grammar School badge cannot predate 1947. The design of the un-named Southern Grammar School badge was first drawn in 1947 by the school's art master and incorporates a phoenix which represents the school's buildings destruction in WW2. As such this badge coincides the formation of the CCF and cannot be an OTC badge. PSGS did have a Cadet Corps but not an OTC.

These badges should not be confused with the Portsmouth Grammar school who did adopt their own badge in 1908, wore it throughout the 1950's and 60s' ( ) as a CCF and still wear it today. The current badges are Firmin marked.

Alan O 14-06-14 01:43 PM

George Watson's College
1 Attachment(s) The sporran badge the bonnet badge

K&K show 2 versions of the School badge. Researching the School Cadet's history produced this:

The decision to start a Cadet Corps attached to the Queen's Rifle Volunteer Brigade was taken in 1903 and the Corps actively recruited in 1904. On 27 June 1905 its uniform had been agreed as:
• Glengarry bonnet with Blackcock feather and the school badge in white metal
• Green serge jacket (service pattern) with buttons the same as the Queen's Rifle Volunteer Brigade.
• Hunting Stewart kilt with pin.
• White goat sporran with black tassels and school badge in white metal.
• Hose tops and garters to correspond with the tartan, if not too expensive.
• White spats.

On 14 December 1905 metal letters for the shoulder straps were agreed.

The round badge K&K 2560 was worn on the sporran as evidenced by a sporran recently sold at auction whilst the star pattern badge K&K 2561 was definately worn in the cap as it is recorded as such in 1937 by EJ Martin. This is a picture of the goat hair sporran. As yet I can find no evidence of the round school badge K&K 2560 being worn in the cap.

manchesters 15-06-14 09:08 PM

Hulme Grammar School
This may fit in your work Alan, re Hulme Grammar School OTC. When badges to this OTC turn up they are usually described as Hulme Grammar School, Oldham. That is NOT true. They belong to Hulme Grammar School, Manchester, a different school, but founded by the same person William Hulme. I have been in correspondance with Hulme Grammar School, Oldham and they didnt have an OTC. They did have a CCF which first began on 11.2.1941 as 601 (The Hulme Grammar School Oldham) Squadron, ATC.
On 1.9.1948 O.H.G.S. CCF replaced this unit and it was affiliated to the local T.A. Battalion, the 41st Royal Tank Regiment (T.A.), which was formally the 10th Bn. The Manchester Regiment prior to WW2. The Cadets wore the black beret and RTR cap badge.

I have 4 versions of the Hulme Grammar School badge.

The first is the all WM lions head (K&K 2576)

The second is the GM demi-lion and scrolls with H.G.S and Cadet Corps thereon (K&K 2577)

The 3rd is a GM demi-lion and scrolls as above but with H.G.S. and O.T.C. theron.

My 4th is just a Bz OSD badge of the second version

K& K also perpetuate the myth that this is in Oldham.

Alan O 28-07-14 01:12 PM

Price's Grammar Fareham
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Price's Grammar School Fareham CCF K&K 2645 wore the lion badge with school founding dates as shown in the photo linked to below. The School did not have an OTC.
The Cadet Corps orginally wore the 6th Hampshires cap badge: From the CCF website: 'A dark blue beret bore various cap badges: the 6th Hampshire Regt. (Duke of Connaught’s Own) until 1938, followed by a Royal Artillery badge until 1945, then the Royal Hampshire Regt 1945-55 at which time the Price’s Lion cap badge was introduced.'
The lion cap badge is therefore a post-war CCF badge and dated to 1955 until the closure of the CCF circa 1975.

Alan O 28-07-14 06:41 PM

St Brendan's College K&K 2665
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K&K 2665 St Brendan's College is in Bristol. The CCF began in 1951. The school did have a Cadet Corps from 1943-45 who wore the Glosters and RTR cap badges.

It is believed that this is the year the CCF began'

Alan O 28-07-14 07:02 PM

St Benedicts School Ealing
At the moment there is no record of an OTC, only a CCF for this school. The cadet force was founded in 1930 but may have been a cadet corps rather than as an OTC proper:

Westlake does not show a OTC S/T.

Alan O 29-07-14 08:54 PM

Northampton Grammar School
Northampton Grammar School was a member of the Junior Division OTC between 1925-35 and a Cadet Corps beforehand.

06.02.14. Recognised by Northampton TFA as Northampton Grammar School Cadet Corps. Affiliated to 4 Bn, Northants Regt, TF.
31.10.25. Army Order 394: Recognition approved of Northampton School Contingent, OTC.
15.01.35. WO recommend closing of OTC on grounds of poor performance.
01.04.35. Northampton School OTC disbanded.
31.05.35. AO 104: Disbandment of Northampton School Contingent announced. Subsequently sale advertised of 150 uniforms & equipment.
Unit was reformed as ACF in 1942.

Alan O 30-07-14 09:37 AM

Shaftsbury Grammar School
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Shaftsbury Grammar School had a Cadet Corps and was not a member of the Junior Division OTC. It later became a CCF.

Alan O 04-08-14 10:47 AM

King's School Warwick
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The school is Warwick School in K&K as it changed its name from the original King's School Warwick. The badge was also worn as a collar, rather ungainly in my opinion, on SD as this photo from the School Old Boy's site shows.

The school JTC cadets wore the Royal Warwickshire badge during WW2.

Alan O 06-08-14 08:43 PM

Glasgow high school OTC
1 Attachment(s)
K&K 2563 is the school sporran badge which was worn as a cap badge prior to the School adopting the Cameronians' bonnet badge. The badge K&K 2564 is the city corporation badge and as yet I cannot find any evidence that this is an OTC badge and not the corporation badge. It was however, worn by the Glasgow Tramways inspectors and Glasgow Transport:

John Mulcahy 08-10-14 05:25 PM

3 Attachment(s)

was going through the 1908 Army List for another reason and came across the transcription contained therein of AO 297, 1908 Officer Training Corps

Apologies if you are already aware of the content of this AO but thought I should post it here for interest.


Keith Blakeman 08-10-14 09:07 PM

Steatham Grammar School
Army order 297 of 1908 approved the transfer of Streatham Grammar School in 1908 to the OTC but the company was dispanded. Ray Westlake probably used the same reference as above.

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