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Tony Davies 20-10-20 02:30 PM

Insignia or badge
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I have a badge or insignia that ended up with me from an uncle that I am trying to identify.
He was in WW2 and in the Hampshire Regiment 1941 - 1946, appears he was in Egypt at some time and then Italy and may have ended up in Austria??
I have attached a photo, it appears to have been pulled of whaterever it was attached to.
Any help to identify would be appreciated.

MarkGD 20-10-20 02:43 PM

Hi Tony, looks Italian, the bust appears to be the head of Mussolini - Regards Mark

GTB 21-10-20 06:20 AM

Yes, it is the helmeted head of Mussolini on obverse. Cannot make out full inscription. I have similar badge inscribed to the Balilla Organisation (very young Fascists)


Tony Davies 21-10-20 03:07 PM

Insignia or badge
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Thank you for the reply.
I have edited the photo so seems clearer.
I have attached photo of the reverse side.
Must agree it does look like mussolini.


GTB 22-10-20 08:09 AM

I fact, this is a commemorative medal evincing on the obverse the proclamation by King Victor Emanuel of Italy to Benito Mussolini: "Minister of the Armed Forces, prepare, conduct and win the greatest colonial war that history will record".

tynesideirish 22-10-20 04:24 PM

A virtually worthless in monetary terms, but otherwise priceless wartime bring back.

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