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DougSA 30-10-08 10:56 AM

Glider Pilot Regt '1' shoulder title - genuine?
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Recently came across the attached shoulder title on e-Bay. Apparently, a shoulder title of 1st Battalion, the Glider Pilot Regt (1942-43).

I would be interested to know if it is the genuine article? Any insights would be most welcome...

Incidentally, it sold for £26.50.

Bill A 30-10-08 11:15 AM

That "spaghetti" mess of embroidery on the back is indicative of the repros made in Pakistan.

54Bty 30-10-08 11:36 AM

Then that is £26.50 wasted it is a repro. As is a lot of the other stuff currently on ebay.

DougSA 30-10-08 12:47 PM

Glad I did not buy it then!

Thank you for the information.

Luc 01-11-08 07:27 PM

That is a typical item from ebay seller of bad replicas called cunnard.
Last year there was an original one on ebay, my 400 pound bid made me only the underbidder. :eek:

Luc 11-11-08 07:30 PM

Doug, there's one for sale on ebay right now from seller geogeodude. Looking much better then those current Paki fakes, but still a fake.

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