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rmarsden 24-04-17 09:09 AM

Identify please
A mixed group of Black Watch Territorial officers, 5 Transvaal Scottish officers and 2 others. The small close up is the regiment I am trying to identify. Is that a V under his collar badge? Could it be Cape Town Highlanders?

wardog 24-04-17 01:06 PM

Would it not be a T for Territorial? Regards, Paul.

Alex Rice 24-04-17 01:14 PM

I think Wardog is probably right, a T for territorial. If it was CTH he'd probably have had a diced glengarry as per what the Gordons wore. The badge size looks like either Royal Scots or HLI but the collar looks like it could be HLI. That would also explain why he's wearing trousers and not a kilt as the HLI wore trews.

Alex Rice 24-04-17 01:20 PM

Some more observations:
The man standing 4th from the left, middle row, appears to have the same collar badges with the T below.
The two on each end in the back row appear to have been added to the original picture. Their heads have been cut out and the 'patina' of their images is different to the rest :)

Any chance of a close up of the man seated 2nd from right please. His collar badges seem to be unique in the photo?

Thanks. Cheers,

rmarsden 24-04-17 02:11 PM

Thanks guys, it's obvious to me now they are Ts.
Alex will scan the man you spoke of when I get back, but I'm sure he is a BW officer. 4/5/6/7 Bns BW all wore St Andrews collar badges usually with Ts below,
The 1st & 2nd did not wear colllars in WW1.


rmarsden 25-04-17 08:56 AM

Alex, this is the man you asked about. Its a T under St. Andrew collar badge.

Alex Rice 25-04-17 10:14 AM

Thanks Ron :)

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