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mac mcconnell 29-11-15 09:43 AM

Czapka foul weather
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I was lucky enough to pick this up the other day I was actually after the tins plume and the Portrate. I knew it had been messed around with as you don't wear plumes in a Czapka foul weather. I was happy with the other bits and bobs. All picked up by myself on Friday Morning. The Czapka was in a poor shape which I knew however the basic frame is 100% so I may get this recovered. The plume was full and is being sorted out tins were battered and rusty so there getting make over this all belonged to a Lt C.J. Clerk 21ST Lancers who charged at Omdurman.
What surprised me was how thin the Leather is on the foul weather its almost paper thin . I like getting stuff like this as it gives me the opportunity so inspect it construction. Its a shame its been so poorly stored. It looks nice in the pictures but theres a lot of damage to the upper sides

Rgs Mac

Richard III 29-11-15 02:41 PM

Nice find Mac, the colored photo and original plume w/ tin is always nice to find with a hat. Both tins, if named, might be worthy of restoration.

Roy 29-11-15 03:13 PM

Well done Marc,

A lovely find..!

Cheers, Roy.

grenadierguardsman 29-11-15 03:18 PM


mac mcconnell 29-11-15 04:45 PM

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The tin is named but very rusty spent the weekend tarting it back up..well an overhaul as it turned out. This is the paint job around half way still plenty of tricks to go. This is not being done to deceive any one its for my collection.


leigh kitchen 29-11-15 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by mac mcconnell (Post 333352)
The tin is named but very rusty spent the weekend tarting it back up..well an overhaul as it turned out. This is the paint job around half way still plenty of tricks to go. This is not being done to deceive any one its for my collection.


You'd recover the czapka?

mac mcconnell 29-11-15 06:49 PM

Leigh that's out of my skill set, I will have to get a professional to do it ,but it will be worth it I think as I would like to display it. I could leave as is but its really suffered.


leigh kitchen 29-11-15 07:36 PM

It's yours and I wouldnt presume to tell you what you should do with your property (you know there's a "but" coming).
I wouldnt recover it as that would destroy the originality, the history of the piece. To me that's more important than the item looking good as it were.
Something totally original becomes half repro instead.
Like I say though, it's yours not mine and you know how you want your collection to look and display.

mac mcconnell 29-11-15 08:30 PM

I do understand Leigh and am in two minds what to do but its so fragile in its current state ,but I respect your views and understand the History value we will have to wait and see.


Lancer 17 30-11-15 02:27 AM

Hi Mac

They are fantastic but Id go easy on the restoration if they were mine. But Im sure you will do whats the best to preserve them. Great pick up mate, again and love the photo as well.



peter monahan 30-11-15 02:48 PM

On the topic of the cover: I wonder whether a leather cover mightn't have been for parade use and so could be thin, especially if well greased, while a campiagn cover for same might have been waxed or oiled canvas and able to stand up to more prolonged exposure and use. Just a thought.

GTB 01-12-15 07:05 PM

I'd go for conservation rather than restoration. You will be removing historical value, otherwise. On the other hand, if the item is falling apart........


mac mcconnell 02-12-15 10:36 AM

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Still not sure the pictures I posted don't show the extent of the Damage so heres some detail shots. I have halted the decay fed the leather cleaned away the mould and sprayed in some renta kill now sat in its tin. The damage can be disguised to a degree a small bit of white glue to stop the edges lifting.


mac mcconnell 02-12-15 10:56 AM

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Here's the portrait that came with the lot smart fellow. Don't know were the dress Czapka is but I do have a nice white plume now.


GTB 02-12-15 11:26 AM


Originally Posted by GTB (Post 333672)
I'd go for conservation rather than restoration.


As I see it your main priority is to consolidate the material that is flaking/detaching. Conservators use a system to hinder flaking of surface pigmentation on paintings and to consolidate the artwork with it's base. I cannot recall the makeup of the solution but if you google you should come up with assistance. It is normally applied by brush; I am not sure if an aerosol system has been developed.

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