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Jeff V 12-03-20 05:36 AM

Canadian Parachute Battalion Cap Badge
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Any thoughts on this? The lugs look odd but I think it's good.

arrestingu 12-03-20 08:32 AM

Looks like it was turned into a brooch at sometime.

Bill A 12-03-20 11:47 AM

The badge itself looks good.

Tanker Mike 12-03-20 09:33 PM

Its a correct badge, but the lugs were replaced with a brooch style pin that has been lost.


Jeff V 14-03-20 01:22 AM

That's what I thought. Again, many thanks for your help.

cw2311 15-03-20 02:22 AM

Hello Gents,

From what I can see from the picture, they are original to the badge and not an alteration. Those are often referred to as "Ellis lugs" because they are flat metal lugs with the hole punched out. Looking at the style at the base of the lug remnants along with placement on the badge, I am confident they are original. These are seldom encountered but do exist. The only thing I am perplexed with is why they were cut off???? Might you be able to post another angled shot of the lugs, please?


Jeff V 15-03-20 02:33 AM

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Here it is.

cw2311 15-03-20 02:35 AM

Thank you. Original lugs.


Jeff V 15-03-20 02:55 AM

Good to know! Thanks. :D


Originally Posted by cw2311 (Post 502887)
Thank you. Original lugs.


Noiseboyz3 12-04-20 07:01 PM

It looks very similar to mine. It should be 39 mm high if it is an original badge.

The manufacturer McKenzie-Clay produced some of these badges and used flat cut sheet brass lugs.

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