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Steve J 26-08-19 04:45 AM

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Discussion of Canadian subjects is pretty slow, everyone must be out camping, fishing or golfing.

There's a few Pacific Coast Militia Rangers ( PCMR ) aficionados amongst forum members. They may be able to flesh out history and technical details of the jacket.

Dry Back coat, not wartime Pacific Coast Militia Rangers jacket, but the same design, just post war dated. It is a big canvas icon that fits into the family of PCMR pins, badges, arm bands, rifles, hats.

PMCR had these as their wartime jacket, but interestingly this one is dated 1958; one of you might know the post-war useage of this jacket design. As a good utility design, looks like it could have been a field/fatique item to supplement Battledress & Bush Uniforms, used similar to the generous use of coveralls in the field for rough use during the 1950's and 1960's.

With my Life Cycle Material Manager time machine I figured a couple options for the post war dated tag:

a. production continued post war to keep up a supply of these jackets, so manufactured and tagged post war (really? post war production- who were using these jacket in the 1950's?); or

b. manufactured much prior to tag date (old war produced stock), and retagged - just as part of equipment management & inventory control by whoever was managing this items procurement and supply.

Provenance-jacket came from my father. Cadets and Militia in Edmonton 1948 (approx.) to 1955, then Regular Army 1955 to 1992, (PPCLI 1955 to 1962) so who knows where the jacket came from. I remember the jacket was around the house back in the late 70's when we got posted from Shilo to Ottawa.

Tanker Mike 29-08-19 03:22 PM

PCMR jacket
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Very interesting jacket, in David Clarke's books he shows many pictures of the jacket in use. Including custom camouflage patterns painted on the jacket.
At one time I had a big collection of PCMR items, cap badges, arm bands, rifle, magazines etc.


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