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vigilans 20-10-19 05:13 AM

Mystery badge
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Hi posted this in the unknown section, but thought I would post it here too, to see what you guys reckon:-

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone recognises this badge. Very similar to the (13th Inf Regiment) Australian 1953-60 period Macquarie Regiment collar badge, but this has a Kings crown on top of the bugle bow.
Thanks Geoff

vigilans 20-10-19 09:34 AM

Canada: collar badge of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. Circa.1939/45

Lancer 17 11-11-19 06:16 AM

Remembrance Day
Good sunny Remembrance Day afternoon.

I have now attended two Remembrance Day services, one yesterday/Sunday at Mooroolbark, (yes I know too many O's !)in a lovely park with a crowd of about 200 and the second, today/Monday at the Belgrave Memorial Park also in the sunshine with an audience of 40 to 50.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we did remember them.

Lest we forget.


Sorry I managed to get this in the wrong place !!

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