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badgecollector 13-04-18 04:02 AM

Thoughts on some NZEF badges
Hi all
What are your thoughts on these badges?

The seller has a great selection however many have the same base badge with a number superimposed. They look good individually however as a group I have some doubts.
I look forward to the New Zealand experts opinions

Investment 13-04-18 11:31 AM

What are your doubts ( same badge frame ) ?

badgecollector 13-04-18 01:25 PM

As I said, Most of the badges have the same base frame. For all intense purposes they are the same badge. looks like from the same die. The only difference is the numeral superimposed.
Isnít this a little unusual?

Wayne Ihaka 14-04-18 02:38 AM

according to the main reference for NZ reinforcemnt badges - Lowe- this frame type was used for 11 to 16 reinforcements

the number was simply sweated onto the frame.

post WW1 to satisfy the collector market badges were created to fill the gap for badges that were never actully issued....there were do reinforcement cap badges prior to the 5th reinforcements nad they only started to becoem common from 9th onwards - 6th, 7th & 8th are quite rare

I would say these badges upto number 10 are post WW1 manufactures for the collectors - saying that they are still nearly 100 years old

I don't believe they are post WW2 or modern badges.

badgecollector 14-04-18 02:50 AM

Cheers Wayne
Appreciate your reply.

atillathenunns 14-04-18 03:13 AM

I concur with Wayne that the triple ferns and the 4 to 10 collar badges are post-war made for the collectors/museum market. The jeweller who made them had a shop in Petone after WW1.
The earliest WW1 photo shows a 10th reinforcement collar existed which also was made by the same jeweller.

Wayne Ihaka 14-04-18 09:17 AM

2 Attachment(s)
these would be accepted as period

badgecollector 15-04-18 12:13 AM

Thanks guys
Thatís what I thought along with suspecting the Bulgarian badge makers reproducing them.
Best wishes

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