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Jibba Jabba 16-08-08 03:16 PM

Commissariat and Transport Staff
Today a dealer showed me a collection of 4 large and 21 medium sized buttons belonging to the Commissariat and Transport Staff as seen in the Wilkinson-Latham title British Military Badges and Buttons page 70. According to latham these buttons were worn from 1880-1.

Am I to understand these buttons were only worn for one year?

My question is are these ultra rare and extremely valuable set? What exactly is a fair price for me to pay?

Thank you for your time.

David Douglas 16-08-08 04:04 PM

Commissariat & Transport Staff
This department was so titled from 1880-1888. However, the Commissariat & Transport DEPARTMENT existed from 1875-1880. Buttons to both are not scarce but those with extremely good gilt are worth having. Generally speaking, only 25mm buttons are of value, smaller ones are generally spurned by collectors. So, a 25mm button would change hands for 5-8 pounds in good condition, 8-12 pounds in very good condition and those retaining all their gilt 12-20 pounds. Wilkinson-Latham's book is such a hotch-potch of this and that, I am afraid it doesn't really qualify as a reference work - far too many errors. Howard Ripley's book, however, is a must for button collectors - preferably the 2002 edition known as Ripley 2. If you end up with any spare buttons from your acquisition, I would welcome the opportunity to purchase two or three. Regards. David

Jibba Jabba 16-08-08 04:42 PM

Thanks for the advice Dave, not my field.

The buttons are the heavy gilt type and are in excellent condition and I am 100 percent certain they say STAFF around the edge. I think the dealers wants 100 for the lot. That kind of outlay for buttons just isnt my bag, I think my dad would probably shoot me if I bought them with out having a source to shift that kind of quanity onto and like you said with 21 small examples its not a very saleable lot.

David Douglas 16-08-08 08:54 PM

4 large gilt buttons at (say) 10.00GBP each and 21 small buttons at (say) 3.00GBP each comes to 103.00GBP. To a button collector the main problem is disposing of the surplus small buttons. Why not ask what your guy will take for 4 of each ? Kind regards. David

Jibba Jabba 18-08-08 08:18 AM

I asked if he would seperate the large from the small on Saturday night, he said he would give me a decision today but its looks like I`m going to have to sell him something from my collection to persuade him to do this. Its only buttons ;)

David Douglas 18-08-08 03:24 PM

Commissariat & Transport Staff
I will stand by my offer to buy a couple of large and a couple of small, if that helps. Regards. David

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