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Alan O 17-01-19 02:39 PM

Identifying Fake and restrike OTC badges
With the multitude of restrikes and fakes it is a mammoth task to spot all of the copies. However in the case of OTCs they are far fewer so easier to list.

Alan O 17-01-19 02:41 PM

Uppingham OTC
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Uppingham OTC is from the same fake owl-eyed tiger seen on other Leicester fakes.

This comes in brass, bronze and bi-metal all from the same fake die.

The CCF still wear a similar badge in bronze.

Alan O 17-01-19 02:42 PM

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The fake die of the Leicestershire 'laughing clown faced' fake die.

Same die again.

Alan O 17-01-19 02:43 PM

Gresham OTC
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The 'Mr Punch' fake die of the Norfolks.

Alan O 17-01-19 02:44 PM

Edinburgh UOTC (TA)
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A true restrike. The only way to spot it is by the fittings.

Alan O 17-01-19 02:45 PM

Stonyhurst OTC
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Still being produced from what appears to be an original die. Made in white metal and also unvoided.

The CCF wear this badge in chrome.

Alan O 17-01-19 02:48 PM

This thread shows the modern CCF badges that are occasionally passed off as pre-1940 Junior Division OTC badges.

Alan O 17-01-19 07:13 PM

Fake Queens Lambs
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One of the dodgy sheep with large lips.

Also seen on other Queen's Regt affiliated cadet OTCs such as Charterhouse and Reigate.

Alan O 20-01-19 04:24 PM

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From the same restrikers as Stonyhurst, a Perse badge in w/m. As a 'Rifles' unit the school OTC wore Blackened brass and later brass badges.

The same fake die used for brass.

Alan O 07-02-19 03:11 PM

Mill Hill OTC badges seem to being produced in gilt. The CCF wear RRF badges and these new badges are not worn by the CCF but are reproductions.

I spoke to the current Mill Hill CCF contingent commander and he believes that this badge was worn in a/a up to 1974. Prior to that it was worn in brass. After that they wore RRF badges which they retain to this day.

Alan O 21-02-19 06:29 PM

2nd pattern Queens collar badges have had fake scrolls added to for Cranleigh and Charterhouse OTC and CCF.

The schools wore blackened and bronzed badges respectively.

Charterhouse wore full sized cap badges and smaller collars - both with scroll. it was recorded that in 1938 Cranleigh wore collar sized cap badges with the scroll below.

All GM badges are not right for either school.

Luke H 12-04-19 07:54 PM

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Originally Posted by Alan O (Post 465631)
The fake die of the Leicestershire 'laughing clown faced' fake die.

Before this one wings it’s way back to whence it came here are some snaps of a different and slightly better fake Louth OTC to be aware of.

This one looks more like Mr Punch than a clown.

Alan O 10-05-19 02:58 PM

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These Cranleigh badges are sold by SRS who sell repros. The design is modern as the scroll design is incorrect. The square ends are an east tell-tale that its a fake.

Staffsyeoman 10-05-19 05:45 PM

The utterly wrong typeface on the scrolls is another sign; too big, rounded ends, etc etc

Alan O 21-07-20 03:19 PM

The owl-eyed tiger is also available in bi-metal. I would be wary of this badge as I don't believe that the die is original to the period of wear. If I was being generous you might regard it as a contender for a CCF badge: although the school CCF bagdes in recent years have bronze finished.

It is very unlikely to be pre 1940 and an OTC badge.

Home Guard 21-07-20 03:28 PM

Gentlemen, I am learning every day from this forum and the kind folks who are members. It has truly enhanced my enjoyment of the hobby!

I now know to look for owl eyes and clown faces!


Luke H 21-07-20 03:56 PM

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The die is the 70s repro one with the Tiger on acid à la Martin Marsh and the V.B. cohort of fakes. Unless it had provenance of belong to a CCF member it is what it is i.e. a fake from a fake die.

Alan O 21-07-20 07:03 PM

If I was going to buy a bi-metal CCF badge then I would opt for one like this.

Gareth Brookman 26-07-20 02:42 PM

As a collector of badges for over 50 years I thought I new the good from the bad.
This thread on OTC fakes has been invaluable.
As a result I have removed the following from my collection:-
Royal Leicestershire Regiment with an owl eyed tiger!
Cranleigh School OTC with a fish lipped lamb.
Reigate School and Guildford School with the same facial lips!
My disappointment is not for the money spent on these items, that is long gone. However, so called Reputable dealers have and continue to sell these either knowingly or not.
The information offered on this site gives guidence through the minefield that is badge collecting today.
Have also had to remove Mr. Punch Gresham School Holt OTC, and so the search for original badges and Dealers with integrity continues.
Gareth B.

Alan O 12-09-20 02:07 PM

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A very rare badge that has been reproed in the last 3 years or so. Now not uncommon and being passed off as genuine

Also made with a fake Smith&Wright mark.

milcollectorblue 12-09-20 09:32 PM

Grantham School OTC: Genuine or Re-Strike?
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Is this Grantham School OTC cap badge the genuine article or does it fall into the category of being a 're-strike'?

Alan O 13-09-20 07:29 AM

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It is correct.

The most common repro ones have a distinct headress design.

milcollectorblue 13-09-20 08:32 AM

Thanks Alan. Much appreciated :)

Alan O 03-10-21 01:01 PM

Guildford School OTC
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Guildford school OTC was a bimetal badge. The badge shown has the big lipped sheep and one piece construction seen the Marsh catalogues.

Alan O 14-04-22 09:42 AM

Reigate School
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This is the Marsh copy on the right. The same bad lips and the O are very oval. The copy is very good so a close comparision is required.

An original is next to it which is correctly blackened. Both are lugged.

Alan O 11-05-22 10:34 AM

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A fake Oxford Uni cavalry cap badge for reference.

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