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irish 08-08-20 02:00 PM

#6 EFTS Prince Albert
A nicely made cap badge... I will assume cap badge due to it's size..... tip to tip on the wings is 82 mm.

Maker marked McKenzie & Clay Winnipeg... A maker I had not encountered before.

#6 EFTS was Commonwealth flight training school. It was opened in July of 1940 and closed November of 1944.... during much of 1941 and 1942 it doubled as the #6 Air Observer School...

cefguy 08-08-20 02:33 PM

That is a great find from an important part of Canada's wartime history that is often ignored. Thank you for posting.

RCAF_Mike 08-08-20 02:45 PM

Beauty badge, and one I am still looking for! It's not a BFTS, but rather an EFTS. Elementary Flying Training School

irish 08-08-20 03:50 PM

Thanks to you both. Mike I have corrected the title. Too small for my eyes To see properly.

RCAF_Mike 08-08-20 05:55 PM

Jack, there was a BFTS program. British Flying Training School. These were 6 RAF schools established in the USA, operated by contract flying schools. A whole other "kettle of fish" as it were

irish 08-08-20 07:47 PM

Thanks Mike, was this school #6 EFTS run by the Canadian Air Force or was it contract?

RCAF_Mike 08-08-20 08:22 PM

At first it was an RCAF establishment with a minimal RCAF presence, contracted to be run by a Civilian Management company (usually a flying club). A small staff was posted with the Civil element. Usually this would consist of a Chief Supervisory Officer, a Medical Officer and an Administration Officer. All other positions, Chief Flying Instructor, all Instructional staff both air and ground, Works and Buildings, Maintenance, Motor Transport, Timekeepers, etc.... etc..... would be provided by the management company. All Civilian Instructors were trained by the RCAF at Trenton and then assigned to schools, placed on indefinite leave without pay from the RCAF. Salary to be paid by the management companies. As the plan went forward, The RCAF presence at each base began to grow. The Instructors were permitted to attend SFTS and qualify for their RCAF wings and permission to wear the uniform, and many new instructors were added to the rotational cadre, all being regular RCAF personnel. A fascinating bit of research, the BCATP is..... When you can find the information! The whole BCATP is a very special interest of mine.

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