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Samarccha 11-01-21 08:24 PM

Suspect cap badges
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Can Anybody advise on whether these cap badges are genuine, I'm a bit confused with the east Lancashire badge as most do not look like this one, thanks sam

Alex Rice 12-01-21 07:01 AM

They all look ok to me but is there a vent hole behind the rose on the East Lancs?

Samarccha 12-01-21 10:39 AM

East Lancashire badge
Hello Alex, no vent hole on the back and quite a flat badge but very good detail and strong nickle silver, I wasn't sure if it was a later struck badge? This hobby can be very frustrating and confusing I can see why some collectors give up thanks for the reply sam

Samarccha 12-01-21 10:55 AM

Badge sliders
I forgot to mention but can anybody tell me why some sliders are really hard and quite thick, others softer and thinner also some are coated with a type of what looks to be gilding, some crimped at the top too? I have read so many times that all original badges have really hard sliders but this can't be true as I have badges that are original but with quite easily bendable sliders, one of which is quite long, Many thanks for any information or advice Sam.

Luke H 12-01-21 01:09 PM

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Originally Posted by Alex Rice (Post 534946)
They all look ok to me but is there a vent hole behind the rose on the East Lancs?

Braze hole or not the East Lancs is a fake. The angular headdress is synonymous of the Martin Marsh fake.

Samarccha 12-01-21 03:52 PM

Many thanks I had my doubts about this one, what do you think about the east Yorkshire badge the slider is quite pliable, sam

Alex Rice 13-01-21 07:07 AM

Ya, the lack of vent hole in the E Lancs is a bad sign, don't have a Marsh catalogue but that seems to seal it anyway. The E Yorks looks fine to me with a nice vent hole behind the rose.

Samarccha 13-01-21 10:23 AM

Many thanks guys, any thoughts on the difference of sliders on cap badges That one puzzles me?

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