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nbroadarrowz 13-02-20 10:07 PM

Half size Warrant Officers badge, Kings Crown
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Does anyone know when the Warrant Officers' half size cap badge for the field service cap was introduced?

dragon166 13-02-20 10:20 PM

It was introduced in 1949, in line with the authorisation of the miniature Officers badge. These badges were not for the FS Cap but for the beret replacing the eagle and crown previously worn. Officers and WOs continued to wear the eagle and crown badge on FS caps right up to 2000s when WOs were ordered to wear the small beret badge on their FS Caps - if worn.

nbroadarrowz 13-02-20 10:34 PM

Thanks Dave that clarifies two points.
Much appreciated.

nbroadarrowz 13-02-20 10:46 PM

Hi Dave,
During the WW2 period was there a difference between the Officers FS crown and eagle badge and the WO FS crown and eagle badge?
Maybe the type of metal?
I have references to WO FS cap badges being 22H 331 (1941)
But by 1944 both officers and WO are referenced as having badges 22H N3

dragon166 14-02-20 09:46 AM

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In general they are the same. They can be found in Gilt, gilded brass, brass and black plastic. WO hats and badges were service supplied whereas Officers were made by tailors and therefore their badge could vary greatly. Your references may be that later in the War Officers could get the badge from service sources.

RAY WALKLING 14-02-20 12:22 PM

RAF Warrant Officers Miniature Cap Badge
Miniature badges for Officers and WOs introduced 1952 for wear on the beret (WO reference 22H/1103). Optional Field Service Dress cap reintroduced 1972 with WOs wearing gilt anodised crown and eagle badge. Dress Regulations for the RAF (1981) show crown and eagle on FS Dress Cap, Dress Regulations (1996) show Miniature WO badge on FS Dress Cap.

nbroadarrowz 14-02-20 07:24 PM

Thanks for all the input.
I have a bronze eagle and crown set with lugs to the rear instead of the screw posts.

dragon166 14-02-20 10:29 PM

Bronzed versions were worn by the R Australian Air Force during WWII.

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