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badgecollector 13-02-20 06:41 AM

did the RAAF have bullion pilots wings
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hi all
in recent years i have seen several kings crown RAAF bullion pilots wings.
are these a new thing or did bullion kings crown wings exist.
can anyone tell me when and show examples

dragon166 13-02-20 12:48 PM

I would suggest that the large wings were used on the 1930s Full Dress and the smaller version for Mess Dress

badgecollector 14-02-20 12:09 AM

hi Dave
do these wings look legit?
ive never seen this style of wing before

Lancer 17 14-02-20 02:26 AM

G'day BC

The answer is yes, we have a set of bullion wings on a WW2 pilots uniform and we know whos uniform it was, at the Running Rabbits Museum at the Upwey / Belgrave RSL. I think that the uniform is in storage at the moment and will have to get it out to photo it, it is a really good looking item.



dragon166 14-02-20 10:23 PM

Yes I believe they are all genuine.

badgecollector 15-02-20 12:16 AM

thanks all
very interesting. not an area i know much about but am starting to dabble in RAAF items
hey Phil, im sure we would all like to see pics of the uniform if and when you get some time

Lancer 17 12-03-20 01:11 PM

Hi BC,

Sorry for being slow on this one but have had a couple of very busy Thursdays, I had to go to a big funeral last week, however Ive got the uniform out today and have done photos and will email them to you on Friday or over the weekend.

Hope you like them.



badgecollector 13-03-20 12:51 AM

cheers phil
your the best

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