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badgecollector 17-08-18 12:56 PM

a small collection of cadet badges
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hi all
just a small collection of australian cadet badges.
have a few more around the place.

fairlie63 17-08-18 09:15 PM

Its a shame not more is known or recorded of the cadet badges, they are an intriguing subject.

The Hale School CU one you have also came in a enamelled version in the 1970s, light blue and dark blue.


badjez 18-08-18 01:18 AM

Australain Cadet badges
Nice selection. As Keith identified, there is an absence of reference material on the Australian cadets.Unfortunately the photos aren't the most detailed to allow future reference. Any chance of more photos of individual badges, perhaps in an album please?


Ironside410 18-08-18 09:21 AM

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Nice collection there BC.

I have attached a couple of pics of some of my cadet badges, again only a small collection compared to some I have seen.


badgecollector 18-08-18 09:25 AM

thanks guys
thanks keith, i think i have the enamel version somewhere. will try and dig it out.
yes stephen, will try and do an album with better pics
as usual Dennis, you have some nice items there also

badjez 18-08-18 10:44 AM

Australian cadet badges
I thought I perhaps ought to practice what I preach, so I've loaded an album with my titles.

I'll try to get the headdress and collar badges done one day, but it won't be soon as I'm away all next week.


mikeep 12-06-19 07:31 PM

Cadet Reference
Hi gentlemen,

I just read your messages and saw the images...absolute fantastic items! In regards to a book, a friend and I are currently in the process of writing one! And seeing that there is such a major gap in this field weve decided to try to cover absolutely EVERYTHING we can find including badges, patches (titles, barracks patches etc), challenge coins, unit uniforms, puggarees, buttons, headgear, plaques, flags etc etc. And were looking at covering from Pre-Fed onwards.

I currently have 5-600 cadet hat and collar badges in my collection alone (not to mention a couple hundred titles and hundreds of other patches, dozens of uniforms, etc) but am looking to find other like minded collectors who can help out.

Dennis, what are the 2 bottom badges in the 4th and 5th columns of the 2nd image you put up?

And do any of you have spares youd trade as I have many dozens of spare cadet badges, patches etc.

Im also asking if you could all pass the word out that Im looking for items and or photographs of cadet items for adding to the book and can be contacted at If anyone can help, were trying to get people to send photographs of individual items on a white background.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from other collectors!


mikeep 12-06-19 07:33 PM

Cadet badges
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Heres a few of mine...

Ironside410 15-06-19 03:33 AM

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Hello Mike

Apologies for the delay in responding, I have been interstate for a few days.

I have attached pictures of the two badges.

One is the Marist Brothers School at Pagewood (no makers details) from the 1960's, the other is Regal High (or maybe Horticultural) School, maker Stokes Melb, still trying to get more info on this one.

Happy to provide better quality photos, measurements etc if you need them.


Jackhr 15-06-19 05:45 AM

No body has a Geelong Grammar school hat badge and if so is willing to part with it as a friend of mine passed away 3 yrs ago and designed the badge .


mikeep 17-06-19 04:10 AM

Thanks Dennis, much appreciated!

Drummajor 23-07-19 09:45 PM

A couple more Cadet items
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A couple of cadet items from Murray High School, Queenstown, Tasmania.


Lancer 17 28-07-19 06:12 AM


Good to see you again.

Can you please tell me what the motto is and what school or other the badge at the bottom right on the 2nd photo belongs to. Its the one with the white motto scroll 2nd bottom on the right, just above the one with the yellow back ground. A mate has one and we don't know where its from.



akiko 29-07-19 05:30 AM


Originally Posted by mikeep (Post 481051)
Heres a few of mine...

It has my old school on there. I did cadets for about three years.

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