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Luc 25-10-21 08:27 AM

Unable to open attachments
For a couple of weeks now attachments can not be displayed as they "contain errors".
Anyone else having the same issue?

mike_vee 25-10-21 09:52 AM

I have no problem with photos/documents that are 'attached' as thumbnails at the bottom of a post.

If they are posted 'within' a post they fall into two catagories :

1. Items posted from a members album (either photo or link) , no problem unless the album is "private" then permission/access is needed. Members with permission/access can post them but other members cannot access them.

2. Items posted from 'outside' sites (photobucket etc), some you need permission and others may have been moved/deleted and give an error message.

NB: I have found that a lot of "attachments" in older posts are no longer available due to the original being deleted or the site/account no longer existing.


Luc 25-10-21 02:06 PM

It turned out to be one of my browser add-ons was blocking content, problem is solved now thanks!

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