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neale 01-03-21 11:45 PM

Interested in Devon and Norfolk
Could any member point me in the direction of some original WW1 Devon/Norfolk Titles/Badges. Would like to make up a small display over time of Pre WW1 and WW1 items. Any help most welcome. Thanks and stay well.

norfolk regt man 02-03-21 06:25 AM

I have a few Norfolk ones, please post photos of what you have.

neale 02-03-21 08:37 PM

Norfolk and Devon Badges and Titles
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Hi There, thank you for the reply.

Sadly not much to shout about only a Royal Norfolk Shoulder Title.

Seems to be so much out there which is fake/restrike/etc. so thought I would come to those who know :)

Anything original would be great. PM me if you like.

Sonofacqms 02-03-21 08:57 PM

Royal Norfolk title
Your Royal Norfolk title is not of the Great War era or earlier, but post 1935. Do you collect Norfolk badges that are later than Great War?


neale 03-03-21 09:33 AM

Devon and Norfolk Badges and Titles
Hi There, thanks for letting me know about that.

I do have a Pair of Devon and Dorset Shoulder Titles which I understand are 1956 era; so that would be as late as I would really like to go.

So Pre WW1-1956 era would be great. Bit of a range there :)

norfolk regt man 04-03-21 07:09 PM

Hi , have sent you a email

neale 04-03-21 10:12 PM

Devon and Norfolk Titles and Badges
Thanks, will take a look :)
Nah nothing as yet.....will keep checking :)

Mike_2817 05-03-21 02:45 PM

The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment, usually just known as the Devon and Dorsets, was an infantry regiment of the British Army formed in 1958 by the amalgamation of two county regiments, the Devonshire Regiment and the Dorset Regiment. In 2007 it was itself merged into The Rifles, a "large regiment".

norfolk regt man 05-03-21 06:15 PM


Originally Posted by neale (Post 541094)
Thanks, will take a look :)
Nah nothing as yet.....will keep checking :)

Hi, did you see the picture I posted on the forum for you. Thanks

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