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Neil s 27-02-21 12:18 PM

Royal Artillery Opinions Welcome
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I like artillery badges so Iv'e finished up with quite a lot
Attachment 243632Attachment 243633Attachment 243634Attachment 243635Attachment 243636Attachment 243637Attachment 243638Attachment 243639Attachment 243640Attachment 243641

Busby Grenades
Attachment 243642Attachment 243643Attachment 243644Attachment 243645

Mike H 27-02-21 12:20 PM

54 Bty is the man to ask regarding Artillery badges

Neil s 27-02-21 12:32 PM

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I know these are faked and these all have a lug with a pimple on the end not seen it before good or bad?
Attachment 243646Attachment 243647Attachment 243648Attachment 243649Attachment 243650Attachment 243651Attachment 243652Attachment 243653

KC gun cap badges in no particular order
Attachment 243654Attachment 243655Attachment 243656Attachment 243657Attachment 243658Attachment 243659

Neil s 27-02-21 12:43 PM

14 Attachment(s)
Gun cap badges cont.
Attachment 243660Attachment 243661Attachment 243662Attachment 243663Attachment 243664Attachment 243665Attachment 243666Attachment 243667

Attached wheel type
Attachment 243668Attachment 243669Attachment 243670Attachment 243671Attachment 243672Attachment 243673

Luke H 27-02-21 12:57 PM

Gun badges are OK thus far.

The one with the closed crown and on broken loops is Canadian Arty not RA.

manchesters 27-02-21 01:30 PM

The 4 Scottish Volunteer Artillery glengarry badges are in my opinion modern fakes, artificially aged and of poor quality.


Neil s 27-02-21 02:17 PM

12 Attachment(s)
3/4 size beret
Attachment 243675Attachment 243676Attachment 243677Attachment 243678

Attachment 243679Attachment 243680Attachment 243681Attachment 243682Attachment 243683Attachment 243684

Officer Gilt
Attachment 243685Attachment 243686

Neil s 27-02-21 02:37 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Hi Simon I have not seen one of those badges that I know to be right but I have seen some new ones that are truly awful so I have given one of them a bit of a clean pictures are ok but the colours a bit off more brassy in real life and I still don't know
Attachment 243694Attachment 243695

manchesters 27-02-21 02:42 PM


Everything still screams fake to me, colour, poor defination, wear etc.


Luke H 27-02-21 02:50 PM

Your Scottish Artillery Volunteers badges are what prompted me to post my latest thread since I know they are all in the Martin Marsh catalogue but couldn’t find them.

As Simon states, everything about them screams fake. The loops too do not look right. All are smothered in dried polish on the back. These have been repro-ed vast quantities certainly since Martin Marsh Militaria days of the 1980s and likely long before so some could be 50 years old now.

I’ve never seen a genuine badge to any of these units.

When I find the MM pictures I will post them here if interested.

Neil s 27-02-21 02:57 PM

14 Attachment(s)
Attachment 243698Attachment 243699Attachment 243700Attachment 243701Attachment 243702Attachment 243703

Birmingham mint?
Attachment 243704Attachment 243705

Attachment 243706Attachment 243707

3/4 size beret
Attachment 243708Attachment 243709Attachment 243710Attachment 243711

Neil s 27-02-21 03:11 PM

12 Attachment(s)
Couldn't get this on the last post
Attachment 243725Attachment 243726

Attachment 243714Attachment 243712

Gilt full size
Attachment 243715Attachment 243716

Gilt 3/4 size officer quility but slider
Attachment 243717Attachment 243718

Don't know what to make of the quaility of these
Attachment 243719Attachment 243720

To modern for me to know about
Attachment 243721Attachment 243724

leigh kitchen 27-02-21 03:45 PM

2 Attachment(s)
The last badge is RA Piper, 19th, 40th and 103rd Regiments.
All three regiments had Volunteer Pipe Bands, each about 16 strong.

103rd Regiment, (Lancashire Artillery Volunteers) is (or was?) a TA Regiment.

19th (Highland Gunners) and 40th (Lowland Gunners) amalgamated to form19th (The Scottish Gunners) in December 2012.

19th Regiment Robertson Hunting Tartan
40th Regiment Clan Hume Tartan.
103 Regiment Clan Crawford Tartan.

Your badge appears to be identical to one I have, bought on forum in January 2019 and stated by vendor to have been acquired by him from a TA unit in Glasgow in about 1990.

I stand to be corrected, but I think that an earlier version of the badge had the gun mounted rather than being a one piece badge.

Neil s 27-02-21 04:31 PM

12 Attachment(s)
Thanks to Simon and Luke about the glengarrys and Leigh for the information on the pipers
On martin marsh the pictures in the catalog are quite poor maybe a good set of photos of them at some point would be a good idea, not volunteering :D

W/M the second one has a strange coating G/M underneath
Attachment 243735Attachment 243736Attachment 243737Attachment 243738

These all seem to be the same strike judging by the uneven spacing of the bolts in the wheel hub
Attachment 243739Attachment 243740Attachment 243741Attachment 243742Attachment 243743Attachment 243744

Attachment 243745Attachment 243746

manchesters 27-02-21 05:04 PM

Regarding the two WM badges.

The second has to be gilding metal which has been nickel plated because its a 1917 strengthened version badge. I am assuming the slider is the same silver colour?

As for the first, if the slider is silver coloured as it appears to be, though it may be the photos, it too is a GM badge that has been plated.

Neither could therefore be classed as WM.


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