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phil86 05-01-21 01:10 PM

U-boat badge
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I am hoping to sell some of my father's collection. Would anyone be able to offer some information on this badge marked Zeitner Berlin? Hopefully it is genuine. If so, could anyone suggest an acceptable market value? Not sure if the box is matched to the badge. Apologies if pictures turn out Poorly oriented.

macandpud 05-01-21 09:28 PM

Sadly that is one of the worst cast copies i`ve ever seen of that badge and i`ve been collecting German badges for 60 years. look in Niemans book on German awards for original examples. The "makers mark "just adds to the insult . However some idiot will buy it from you no doubt. Sorry for the bad news.

arrestingu 05-01-21 10:09 PM

Already stated it's a copy, in your previous thread .This opinion will be confirmed by others !

hagwalther 06-01-21 01:08 AM

Sorry to say but just a cast knock off.

Wonder what the case was used for?


phil86 06-01-21 02:53 PM

U boat badge questions
Thank you for comments which I accept. Some genuine questions: why did the takers use the name Zeitner (who did not make badges during WW1 I believe)? I have since seen another on the internet which has an identical name inscription - does that mean it was cast like that or manually inscribed? Lastly, the 'gold' covers another metal why is this?

yorkstone 06-01-21 11:09 PM

Simple answer is to deceive

Ashton 04-03-21 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by yorkstone (Post 534411)
Simple answer is to deceive

that badge isnt going to deceive anyone it looks exactly like what it is a really poor cast fake

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