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JBBOND 14-03-19 06:15 PM

Moss Bros FS helmet
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this came thru a friend from a flea market in California. It is in nearly mint condition, and apart from some tarnish on the liner mounting pins, which is itself splitting and cracking with age, which it is made from very dark brown shiny leather. I assume it just has storage wear and is otherwise unused.

I have never been sure if this is a period item from the early 20th century which would be very early in moss Bros's history or a later item made in the early style for a gentleman traveler or perhaps a movie prop. I include a WWII advert which mentions their over 50 years of outfitting the services.

Whatever the truth, it is a lovely item.

grenadierguardsman 14-03-19 07:10 PM

Very nice too.

leigh kitchen 14-03-19 07:20 PM

Are you happy that the Moss Bros label is original to the helmet Jerry, not that I'd think anybody'd find it necessary to stick on one that didn't belong.
The American version of the FSH was basically as per the British one, do you reckon it's definitely a British helmet?
I'm not suggesting that it isn't, I've not got no example of either nationalities FSH.
You say that there's a possibility of it being a movie prop - would a prop be made so accurately re. materials and interior?

JBBOND 14-03-19 07:48 PM

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Leigh, it is definitely the British pattern FSH, but the label could have been stuck on, though as it was cheap enough in the flea market that the owner gifted it to me as long as I paid the P&P that it seems unlikely it has been messed with.

I really do not know for certain what to make of it, I have listed the three most likely options IMO;

1/ a minty period item
2/ a later recreation to suit a gentleman
3/ a movie prop for something like the 4 feathers, either the 39 version or the 1955 Storm over the Nile perhaps. The FS helmets in the latter are very good from what I remember.

leigh kitchen 14-03-19 07:54 PM

Try running it past Peter Sucui and Stuart Bates?

JBBOND 14-03-19 10:21 PM

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This movie still from my collection from Young Winston looks very similar whilst others I own from Zulu or the previously mentioned Storm over the Nile or another I own from the 1939 The Four Feathers are all possible sources of movie prop FS helmets.

leigh kitchen 15-03-19 10:01 AM

I was way out with my earlier suggestion that the FSH may be American, I'd read that it was thought that some were produced in Britain but their similar looking helmet had four panels rather than six and according to "Military Sun Helmets Of The World" it was American produced despite the rumours of British manufacture.

A nice helmet and at least this one won't be used as a Professor Elemental costume.

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